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Hello there....

my second account is M3ga_Twiix

Achievements :
#2 Gamersbeat Tournament 2 vs 2 ( Bofteka ).
#4 ESB International 5v5

First Montage

Checking my profile means one of two things :
1)You saw me friendly and helpfull so you decided to add me and it will be a pleasure to add you <3

2)You *maybe* think that i'm cheating but unfortunately it is wrong ....i admit it *I'm A Noob* , but here is the thing *i* like to call *MYSELF* like that BUT *NOT YOU* ......not cuz i'm a noob u are better than me.

Anyways leave that shit i said up there xD
Welcome mate .........

you can see my specs on the second account ,But i took my brother's PC and it's better than mine
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