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Untouchable Gunslingers
We are a group of PS3 and PS4 friends and families that play online daily. "U.G's" have one goal and that is to be the best at any cost, we never quit or back down to any challenge. We DO NOT hack, cheat or mod. There are some rules of conduct first one being: Never kill a fellow member have respect and remember it might be fun for you to kill him but think " how does it make the posse/crew look if that person is killed by a fellow member?" It makes us look loose and weak which we are NOT.

We play online almost daily and even if the founders aren't online one of our members is sure to be. If you see us around all of us will have the "UG-" in our name and we will be dominating the roam. It is imperative that each and every member have the UNGS crew tag to be identified.
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