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Canadian Citizen
Gaming Enthusiast
Age of Majority (1993 Ce)
Member of the Canadian Forces(CF)-NCDT, MAR SS, ULO Candidate at UTM
Team Player
Black Belt

Apprentice of Strategy (I like that title) I'm trying to improve and become more strategic in and outside of game.

- Team Player
-Commander and Squad Leader (need people to listen -_- )
-Helicopter Pilot (Not Ace but pretty good) Particularly Transport but also Scout and a Attack you be the judge.
-Fighter and Attacker Pilot (Above average player about average pilot (regularly flies jets and isn't a god in them)
-Marksman, Breacher, AT, Indirect fire-support, Support and Logistics (Resupply, Demolitions, Medic and Repairs)~Whatever the situation calls for.
-Will follow orders

-Always looking for good party members (fun to play with and has the concept of teamwork)
-I have, Team Speak, Skype and I use chat


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