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I'm a musician and graphic designer with apparently too much free time on my hands to fill in this silly presentation. But if you'd like a vague idea of who I am then continue reading.

Producing music pays my bills. I'm lazy yet talented, a dangerous combination. I had a few big record deals and run a little label in my hometown. Some might know my stuff but I'm not exposing myself here.

I adore nighttime, when the world is quiet. It activates my brain and helps me focus on making music where emotion and atmosphere is key. I guess it's a way of expressing some things that happened during my life.

Although I'm timid and even a little people shy, I perform my stuff live in front of pretty huge crowds. After a gig I like to come home and enjoy some BF. I'm not that competitive but consider myself above average in console FPS skill and general swiftness.

This place has it's problems but I find it to be quite entertaining. I don't take sides, I'm just me, sincere yet sarcastic.