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Who am I? I am Zharakov ☭

Im your Worst Nightmare

Nemesis of some of the Worlds Best

Hunted And Knifed Hackers All Across the World

im an all around soldier in every aspect

Tank,Infantry,Heli you name it

do you need a guy in a upcoming clan war?

maybe some jet pilot or jeep driver needed?

or some medic who will risk his live to save you?

how about the guy you just plain hate has to be KIA

do you need someone killed at the other end?

need that cheater taught a lesson?

or just someone to have fun and to kill people?

just friend request me and tell me who to kill

Lag And Ping don't matter to me,Performance Does

Cause ill get the job done.

No Matter What the Cost.

Like what i always say

"Play with the best and you'll soon be the best"

then soon one day just one day

everyone will fear the name



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