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I’m an outlaw, give me two shots
We don’t need a radio, bring the jukebox
For my outlawz, bring me three shots
We can raise hell before this beat stops
I’m a whiskey drinking S.O.B, if you don’t like that
Then you won’t like me
I’m an outlaw, I said I’m an outlaw

Fire up the Harley, now I’m off to Cali
To do my thang
Rolling down that 15 full speed
Spliting these lanes
I got the common folk
Thinking that I’m going insane
True outlaw think I’m lying
Just google the name
Since 2006 me and dirtball were rocking this outlaw shit
And they can't stand it, 2011 now I’m back with the moonshine bandits
It’s that country hip hop with this white trash renegade
Staying real motherfuckers till they put us in the grave
Pistol in my pocket now Its straight at your dome
your the type of kid that should of just left it alone
We stay whiskey drinking, bottle breaking, girlfriend taking
If you think I really give a fuck you must be mistaking
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