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Battlefield competitive player for over 6 years.

Current Team: HvC
Past Teams: rN, KzmK, NoID, InF, Gerk, DH,

I'm mainly an infantry player but I can still dominate with vehicles.

%10 Luck, %30skill, %15 Concentrated power of will, %5 Pleasure, %40 Gain and %100 Reason to remember the name.

Favorite classes are Assault/Engineer

I (still) don't accept friend requests from blueberries.

I don't put c4 on flags, i put it in the kill feed

If your vehicle score is as much as all your combined kits, you're bad.

Twitter account:

Gaming music source:

KIK: sestizesti

"A hero's heart is only as strong as the hamburger that guides it"
-A Hamburger-
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