1st Brazilian to reach IFV SS100, 6th in the World (81 hours) 6425 kills BF4. 14/12/2013.
1st Brazilian to reach M.A.A SS100 (PS3/PS4) 29/05/2014

Haterssss<e 3


#1 Esb BR Premium x12 (zR) UNDEFEATED
#1 BFWL First Edition x12 (zR) UNDEFEATED
#1 ESB BR Second Edition x16 (zR) UNDEFEATED
#1 BFWL Second Edition x12 (zR) UNDEFEATED
#2 Wdc Second Edition x12 (zR)
#2 Wdc Third Edition x12 (cRx)
#2 Latin cup x12 (zR)
#3 Fraggednation Season 2 (zR) First Brazilian team to reach top 3 In a Fn Season.
#3 Champions Cup Europe (zR)
#3 Dso Cup Europe (zR)

Proud Founder of ZERO TEAM With my partner Borborema 30.
Thanks for All the "gringos" Who help us a lot, We are the Brazilian Team With more tittles in Battlefield, playing servers Sa, Us and Eu Servers With no excuses.

Obrigado aos brasileiros que nos ajudaram ao longo desses Anos.



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