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Main: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/EXERTUSwannaPLS/
Im da wannabe... Ex-BF Player who won some things and met a huge amount of great ppl among the scene !

♥ Vague, Steeler, Muscle, Sky, padyra, Nqqbix, zerq, KeNo, S1d, Emalti♥

Team History:

PyRo (MiloshPLS) (RIP Giquli and Kukko)
Exertus eSports
webSPELL Gaming
ReVo iPlay
Eclipse Gaming
TERA Gaming

#1 French BF3 Championship 2014 (webSPELL)
#1/2/3/4 @Some Go4BF3 ESL Cups / Night Cups
#1 8v8BNL Spring Rush
#1 Back2BF3 5v5 Cup
#1 ESL Pistol only 1v1
#3 8v8BNL Winterseason

#1 5v5 Domination Test Cup BF4
Attended @BF4 Major Ladder 5on5 Domination EU
Stopped playing BF4

BFH (PyRoGen aka MiloshPLS)
#5 Dreamhack Tours BF:H (was not playing, credit to: Giquli, Nnowa, Yaourtz, Johannes, Kukko or smashu)
#1 Small CQ Cup 1 5v5
#1 Small CQ Cup 2 5v5
#1 Small CQ Cup 3 5v5
#1 ESL BF:H Rescue Cup 1
#1 ESL BF:H Rescue Cup 2
#1 ESL BF:H Rescue Cup 3
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