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Heyho, iam "Pass_dE" aka "aHeliPilot" aka "Pass4ever"

"Naja, er hilft den Leuten und er fliegt und er hilft den Leuten"

"I'll never forget this game and these community.
I was a helicopter pilot who flew with the best gunner out there &
and i was lucky enough to decide who I want to fly.
Sorry to the many people I did not want to fly &
of course, to those who feel hurt or trolled by me.
At this point I would like to thank some friends
- Zanto, 2low4pub, Skylawz, Revo, Topper, EvilMonkey
& Booth
- dat Efficiency
- And everyone who supports me or was able to handle my behavior
- Unfortunately I can not list everyone" ( Pass_dE 2k16 )

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