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Welcome to the official Battlelog Platoon of Pernix Pugnax - pp

The Pernix_Pugnax CLAN is founded back in January 2010 by:
chilli169, Wiesel56, cris1879 and Tex1879.

In summer 2010 the clan was taken over by a boy from Essen (boyfromessen90). The dictator was stopped by some mighty Gods on October 1st 2013. The evil man is still alive and well standing watch over the family, but he has given up his dictatorship roots.

Untill this day no one has spotted the boy from Essen on the battlefield, but rumors say he is living in hell or playing with his dolls.

We were active in BFBC2, BF3 and BF4.

Pernix Pugnax is currently inactive waiting for a game to reunite on.

The Pernix Pugnax family is love, the family is live.

Clan Leadership

Clan Dictator:
boyfromessen90 [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Clan Gods:
SoraXXS [battlelog.battlefield.com]
iKinGsizE [battlelog.battlefield.com]
jvirfoss [battlelog.battlefield.com]


Pernix Pugnax team youtube channel:

(pp) on Youtube [youtube.com]


Battlefield 3 Achievements

- Fraggednation.com 12 vs 12 CQ Ladder Season 2 Semi Finalist

- Fraggednation.com 12 vs 12 CQ Ladder Season 3 Winner #1

- Fraggednation.com 12 vs 12 CQ Ladder Season 4 Semi Finalist

- Play4BF3 PS3 8on8+4 Conquest Winner #1

Battlefield 4 Achievements

- G4G Glory Series 15vs15 CQ League Season 1 Winner #1


Special 5th Anniversary video by Pernix_Pugnax CLAN (editor: SoraXXS). Video contains Battlefield 4 clips from various members throughout our time in BF4, which we quit in October.

We wish you a happy new year and hope to see you all in 2015. Also make sure to check out the Pernix_Pugnax CLAN Season 3 and Season 4 Highlights (Season 3, editor: boyfromessen90. Season 4, editor: SoraXXS).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3fTOnpqR8k [youtube.com]
9 years ago • 5 likes
Time has come to say this. Pernix_Pugnax is saying goodbye to Battlefield 4. I wish the best of luck to the rest of the community and hope us peepees can unite once again in a future game.
9 years ago • 21 likes
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$21000 will happen on pc for 5v5 in 3 weeks or so. top 10 teams on pc. you can catch tCo on it.
9 years ago
aww :3
9 years ago
1# Place ESB Glory Series <3
9 years ago • 15 likes
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Great job pepees!
9 years ago
Gg m8s
9 years ago
Its true that PP is returning? Here is a link to the upcoming BF1 tournament this saturday :) https://battlefy.com/esb-international/esb-bf1-12v12-conquest-%E2%80%93-ps4-winter-cup-2/589b237db145e5450370e5ac/info [battlefy.com]
7 years ago • 0 Like
Maybe, maybe not :(
7 years ago
8 years ago • 0 Like
Hey guys!

I am not hosting a tournament to promote the 8v8 Community and thanks to HT Gaming the cup will have a 350$ Prizepool. For more info check the link below.
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/6259652542707326850/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Hope to see you competing!
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Contact jvirfoss
8 years ago
Nice emblem. Who made it?
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Contact DonJonnyWafc
8 years ago