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Tune in to Battlefield 1 at EA Play

7 months ago 20 comments

What were your first thoughts when you saw the reveal trailer for Battlefield™ 1? We hope it was excitement. Or anticipation. Or maybe you screamed and threw your drink in the air (that’s what I did). In a few days, you’ll have even more Battlefield 1 to enjoy – the EA Play livestream starts June 12, 2016 at 1:00PM PT. You’ll want to tune in to EA Play to watch the whole thing, and to see Battlefield 1 gameplay in action in a brand-new trailer and a livestream you will not want to miss.

Starting at 2:00PM PT, you’ll get your first chance to see 64-player Battlefield 1 multiplayer in action with the Battlefield Squads livestream. Battlefield Squads is the first-ever livestream of Battlefield 1 gameplay. Battlefield community members StoneMountain64 and Battlefield Friends – The Noob will lead teams composed of your favorite YouTube personalities, Twitch streamers, and even some surprise guests.

So circle the date on your calendar (or set a reminder on your phone): new Battlefield 1 gameplay is coming on June 12, 2016.

The Weapons of Battlefield 1: Fast, Varied, Efficient

7 months ago 25 comments

When you see an enemy with a shotgun charge your trench, or when your cover is torn apart by an LMG peeking out from behind a crumbling building, you’ll realize just why World War I is called the Great War. It was the genesis of modern warfare, and weapons were at the forefront of that push. They are powerful, varied, and most importantly, damn efficient at doing what they were designed to do.

You’ll be able to try them for yourself in a few months. In the meantime, if you want to know more, you should check out the Weapons & Gadgets page on It includes a short video showing off some of the weaponry, a Q&A with Twitch streamer/Battlefield GameChanger Darkness429 and myself (Julian Schimek, Weapons Designer on Battlefield™ 1), and a list of things you need to know about the weapons of Battlefield 1.

Win a Trip to EA Play and Take Part in Battlefield Squads

7 months ago 366 comments

Excited to see Battlefield™ 1 in action? Tune in on June 12 at 2:00PM PT for Battlefield Squads, where 64-players will take part in the first-ever livestream of Battlefield 1 gameplay. Battlefield community members BATTLEFIELD FRIENDS – NOOB and StoneMountain64 will be serving as Team Captains, and their team rosters will include some of the most well-known YouTubers and Twitch streamers around, as well as a few special guests. You can see the roster (and learn more) on the Battlefield Squads page.

Want to take part in Battlefield Squads? You can win a trip to Los Angeles to join the livestream and be among the first to play Battlefield 1. Follow @Battlefield and tweet @Battlefield with a video explaining why you should be enlisted with #BattlefieldSweepstakes by June 3 for a chance to win. See the Battlefield Squads Sweepstakes Official Rules here.

PC Update Sep 8

Wonxif 1 year ago 493 comments

Dear Battlefield 3 players,

We will be performing maintenance on Battlefield 3 starting 08/09/2015 at 08.00 UTC / 1.00 AM PT. With this update we will be countering Google Chrome’s support drop of NPAPI based plugins. Learn more about NPAPI and Chrome here. There is no expected downtime with this update.

Here is the change list for this update:

  • Removed requirement for Google Chrome plug-in support as Origin now provides that functionality.

You will be able to download and update your Battlefield 3 client now, but this feature will be activated in September 2015 when Google Chrome drops NPAPI plug-in support.

Thank you!


Welcome to Battlefield 1!
2 months ago 588 comments