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Origin Holiday Deals on Battlefield 4

2 years ago 256 comments

Have some free time this holiday break? There’s never been a better time to join the Battlefield! We have now launched an Origin Holiday Deal for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield 4. This is your chance to get Battlefield 4 at a 30% discount, or a great deal on the game bundled with a Premium membership.

The sale is now live and will end on January 7 at 10AM PST

The deal includes:
30% off on Battlefield 4 for PC (Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition, Digital Download)
30% off on Battlefield 4 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 (Boxed version)

Christmas starts here: Battlefield 4 Holiday Deal


Happy holidays to all Battlefield fans!

2 years ago 203 comments

Watching the snow fall gently on the Kunlun Mountains of Operation Locker, we at DICE are filled with pure holiday serenity (mixed of course with feelings of glorious all-out war chaos). And we hope you feel the same! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Battlefield fans happy holidays.

We would also love to hear of your Battlefield 4 plans for the upcoming festivites. Will you be dashing through the Operation Locker snow? Playing tablet Commander by the fireplace? Or maybe just creating christmas-themed emblems? Let us know.

Whatever you end up doing, we wish you all the best. Happy holidays and see you on the Battlefield!

Battlefield Emblems Showcase

2 years ago 59 comments

Impressive, Battlefield fans! After we asked for your best-looking emblems, we’ve been overwhelmed by your creativity. The stylish examples below are only a few of many original creations. We’ll be on the lookout for these emblems on your weapons and vehicles on the Battlefield.

As you may know, emblems are created in Battlelog. In the emblem editor you can play around with a wide variety of layered shapes and symbols. You can unlock even more emblem shapes through Battlepacks and by going Premium.

So if you’re feeling artistic, get Battlefield 4, head to Battlelog and create your very own, personalized emblem. Make it special; we’ll be posting more of our favorites in the near future…

Battlefield 4 Tips & Tricks with Famous_T_Nasty

2 years ago 50 comments

Curious about how expert gaming has evolved in Battlefield 4? If so, you should check out Battlefield 4 streamer Famous_T_Nasty, who today will share his best BF4 tips and tricks in a special Twitch live stream.

Battlefield 4 Tips & Tricks with Famous_T_Nasty will air today at 10AM PDT / 7PM CET. The live stream can be reached by hitting the link below, and will go on for one hour. Apart from getting valuable sniping tips, you can also take part of a Q&A session where you can ask Famous_T_Nasty questions about Battlefield 4 tactics.

Famous_T_Nasty describes himself as a ten year Army veteran who loves video games, and wants to bring some great gameplay through his streams. For this stream, he is playing on Playstation 4.

BF4 Tips & Tricks with Famous_T_Nasty

New PC updates for Battlefield 4

2 years ago 1535 comments

Today (December 9) we’re rolling out a new server update and a game update for Battlefield 4 on PC, starting at 11AM UTC. This will address issues such as server/client crashes, collision bugs, and frame rate drops. All details can be found in the links below. As a result of these updates, Battlefield 4 multiplayer on PC will be unavailable for a few hours starting 11AM UTC.

Learn more about the server update 

Learn more about the game update.

As always, you will find all the latest updates on Battlefield 4 stability in the Control Room.


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PC Update Sep 8
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