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Website: bandofbrothers.at.ua • Created: 2015-03-29

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NOTE: To apply for our Battlefield 1 platoon, search for "The Band of Brothers" in the platoons menu of that game!

Recruitment threads with more info:
BF4: http://bit.do/BoBThread [bit.do]
BF1: http://bit.do/BoB-Thread [bit.do]

Band of Brothers is a medium-sized and community focused platoon for players on PC.

We primarily play Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. We also occasionally play a variety of other games, including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Insurgency, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 3 and GTA V to name a few.

(Hyper)Links and more below.

We have our Teamspeak 3 server [tinyurl.com], a website [bandofbrothers.at.ua] and we will soon be renting a BF1 gaming server, as well as a welcoming community that typically plays for fun, but also tries to play the objective. All of our members are friendly and open to like-minded newcomers.
Everyone that joins gets a VIP slot on the server for free. We don't have an age limit, but we expect everyone to behave themselves regardless of their age.

We are primarily based in Europe. However, some of our members are from USA, Canada, South Africa and even India - you're welcome from any corner of the world as long as the ping and time zones are not an issue for you. Still, we will mostly be playing on European servers, so it is your responsibility to consider this first.

We usually play Normal on a variety of different maps and modes, particularly Conquest Large. On the other hand, we also play anything from Rush and Chain Link to Team Deathmatch, Domination and Gun Master.


We host events open to the public where people can win real prizes, like a Steam gift voucher. Please join our TeamSpeak 3 server [tinyurl.com] and ask Staff about them, or visit our website [bandofbrothers.at.ua] and read up on each event through the Forums [bandofbrothers.at.ua]. Events are organised by our Event Manager, SupremeEagle, so please direct any questions about these events at him.


You like the sound of all this and want to join us? No problem!

Please start with our TeamSpeak 3 server [tinyurl.com] and poke any member of Staff letting them know you are new (look for the red F, purple A, blue L, orange E or green R next to their names).
They will give you rank Friends, enabling you to join any gaming channel. Then, it would be best you simply join the guys playing and have some fun.
To become a full Member, you will need to go through a short recruitment process [bandofbrothers.at.ua] with a member of Staff. It can be done at any time you wish, provided there is active Staff online. You are welcome to either play with us for a few days first, or join straight away, whichever option you prefer.
During the recruitment process, you will be introduced into the clan, shown around the website and given full Member rank and privileges. The process is not a test, it is simply an introduction to the community.
The only requirements we have are fluent English and activity on our TeamSpeak 3 server [tinyurl.com]. We won't accept anyone without a microphone as we strongly believe voice communication is a necessary predisposition for successful teamplay.
All members must wear BoB clan tags.

No donations or fees are required at any point in time.


Teamspeak 3 server: (No password, click here to join) [tinyurl.com]

Website [bandofbrothers.at.ua]

YouTube channel [youtube.com]

BF1 Recruitment thread [forums.battlefield.com]
BF4 Recruitment thread [forums.battlefield.com]

BF4 Platoon page [battlelog.battlefield.com]
BFH Platoon page [battlelog.battlefield.com]
BF3 Platoon page [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Our servers:
None at the moment.

Please note that we run no Hardcore servers.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via TeamSpeak or the Forums on our website.

Thank you and see you on the Battlefield!



1 - You will need Teamspeak 3, a microphone and the ability to speak/understand English.
2 - Join our Teamspeak 3 server! IP: or Direct Connect: https://tinyurl.com/bandofbrothers-ts [tinyurl.com]
3 - Poke a member of Staff (Yellow R, Green L or Red F) letting them know you're new.

See you on the Battlefield, newbies!
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1 - You will need Teamspeak 3, a microphone and the ability to speak/understand English.
2 - Join our Teamspeak 3 server! IP: Direct Connect: http://tinyurl.com/bobclan-ts [tinyurl.com]
3 - Poke a member of Staff (Yellow R, Green L or Red F) letting them know you're new.

See you on the Battlefield, newbies!
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No age requirement?
3 years ago
No, we don't have an age limit. Everyone is expected to behave themselves when needed though. If someone is annoying or obnoxious, it is irrelevant how old they are. Same goes for people who are helpful and nice :)
3 years ago
Here's a vid of the Christmas event (snowball fight 26/12/2015) :)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LTv2LXYhpE [youtube.com]
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Looked like fun :)
4 years ago
Well, it was :D
4 years ago
Hello! are you still playing BF4 on Pc? :)
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Hi guys! We are announcing a Battlefield 4 tournament with a prize pool! "Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019"

Here are the main points of the upcoming event:

- Registration http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2397-registratciiaregistration/ [rubigaming.com]

- How to register to the forum for team capitan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTfFwCvDmcM&feature=youtu.be [youtube.com] ATTENTION!!! at the end we apply exactly for this tournament Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019

- The tournament will be held from September 2019 until its full completion. The exact dates will be announced later.

- We play 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL Detailed rules can be found here in this same branch , but in the other topic http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2398-rulespravila/ [rubigaming.com]
- Start will be given in the case of registration of at least 8 teams, the type of tournament grid will depend on the total number of teams.

- At our tournament there is a prize fund, not just that would be a lot of money, but remember at least one tournament in 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL where there were at least some prizes...

- The prize fund is open and any team, participant, any person can add to it some amount of money, details and all methods of transfer are listed below.

- At the moment(1.08.19) the prize fund is about 700$

- The total amount will be distributed between 1 and 2 places in the ratio of 70 to 30 and transferred to the specified team captain details.

- If you have any questions(team captains only) add http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/user/666TractoR_GG/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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Hi,my name is Liykandz,i am a 21 years old skilled gamer that is looking for a team to play with...requesting permissions to join you,Brothers.
2 years ago • 0 Like
Hey man, if you could pop on TS in the recruitment channel as in the description above we would be happy to have to you. Cheers!
2 years ago
Thanks for banning me for a "suspicious stats".
2 years ago • 0 Like
We do not currently operate any servers, you seem to have the wrong BoB. There is another one under the same name.
2 years ago
I have been banned for no apparent reason. Might I ask what I did wrong? Thank you
2 years ago • 0 Like
Not sure about this situation, can I confirm that it was with us? 99% of these cases refer to a server that we do not run under the same name.
2 years ago
hi guys, i would like to join :) i hate playing alone :S
2 years ago • 1 Like
Sure thing mate, just come on TS:
P.S. Jesi ti naš? :D
2 years ago
Im here saturday :P
p.s jesam, subotu dolazim online, sorry jer odgovaram nakon 4 dana nisam se sjetio da sam poslao invite :D
2 years ago
I want to join this platoon
3 years ago • 1 Like
Friends request sent. Come on TS: or click https://tinyurl.com/bobclan-ts [tinyurl.com]
3 years ago
Update: I just saw you play on Asian servers. We only accept people from America, Europe and Africa. Sorry, but you cannot join. Thanks for understanding.
3 years ago
Hello, please once I played on your server and after completing the round I switched it off the next day I wanted to re-connect and jumped my window with the script that I have been locked on your server to enter. After the colon of the reason there is nothing written so I am confused why it is that I can not join. thank you for your answer.
3 years ago • 1 Like
You got the wrong clan, these people are admins of the server you are looking for: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/4623942297024207602/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
3 years ago
Hello. I'm enjoying playing on your server with my mates Naserghazi and Shoom-Deluxe, unfortunately Naser is having problems with punkbuster kicking him from your server only, any idea what is going on? It seems to have started today after a windows update and only affects your server for some reason. Tried finding a forum to ask on, but all I could find was the battlelog threads. Cheers
3 years ago • 0 Like
Hey mate, I think you got the wrong clan. These people run the server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/4623942297024207602/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Go on their TS and try to sort things out. Cheers :)
3 years ago
Oh right, my bad, thanks :)
3 years ago
SgtDarkPhoenix hartcore retard
3 years ago • 1 Like
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3 years ago
is he the same guy who got his anus swapped with his oesophagus?
3 years ago
how many of your are still playing BF4 ? I'm thinking about revisiting the game again.
3 years ago • 1 Like
I'm still playing it, and a few more people. Come on TS :)
3 years ago
(BoB] DutchOwnageX : Fuck --UK--Cheater Platoon.
3 years ago • 2 likes
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@Adrian OMG! that KD is just killing me. what Hax do you use? XD
3 years ago
@AordSupremeEagle i didnt pay hax subscription and pissed them off. So im a Bullet Magnet. LMFAO
3 years ago
5vs5 anytime? add me...
3 years ago • 0 Like
Sorry, but we're more into BF1 now.
3 years ago
Hi guys would you like play CW with ReF clan ?
3 years ago • 0 Like
Highly doubt we'd gather enough people on BF4 now, but thanks for the offer :)
3 years ago
Band of Brothers will hold an annual competition event to celebrate the second anniversary of our favourite community!

The event will take place on Saturday, March 25th, at 7PM London time (GMT).

For applications and more information, click this link: http://bandofbrothers.at.ua/forum/29-368-1 [bandofbrothers.at.ua]

We hope to see many of you on our TeamSpeak ;)

Kind regards,
BoB Staff
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SgtDarkPhoenix i cant accept your friend request, your friends list full
3 years ago • 1 Like
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Also come on TS when you play ;) or click https://tinyurl.com/bobclan-ts [tinyurl.com]
3 years ago
ok gotcha
3 years ago
Hi All,

Thought might be easier to message here, I got a friend request form SgtDarkPhoenix but wont let me accept as his friends list is full.

3 years ago • 1 Like
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LOL Eagle :D
3 years ago
im his OTHER PAL...wink wink
3 years ago