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Therefore, we would also like to tell you that we have picked up the issue since launch with the QBU-88 Sniper rifle and MG36-LMG in back to Karkand not acting as they should. We have identified the problem and are working on a fix.
We will of course keep you posted on our progress!

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thanks! =)
Oh thank God. Now how about that VOIP issue on the PS3? Going to keep us posted on that as well?
rodzer ;d
What's wrong with the QBU-88? It's the best sniper rifle imho^^
Awesome! Thanks for a great game, and always striving to make it better!
put that on the back burner and fix the voice chat it should be the top priority!
good going guys...... keep it up..... focus on that and suprise us next year with a new awesome mappack again MUAHAHA
there has been some issues with laggin in the quick match servers on my end on the ps3 and my connection has been 100% on wifi so i kno its not my internet and a few of my friends have had the same problems
Mic Fix please! I did not see anything in forums about these guns. The mic problem is on the front page of forums daily yet we hear nothing. Please help us out.
Thank you but how about the VOIP problem on PS3. The poor chat in a squad situation is ruining the game for so many people. How about a fix for that or at least letting us know about any progress. We are your customers at the end of the day........
Please sort the VOIP on the PS3, everything else should be second
thanks chief
No update on VOIP... -_- Just tell us you cant do it..
No update on VOIP... -_- Just tell us you cant do it..
Private Servers would rlly help. I can't practice jet flying if there are 3 others and engineers trying to blow me up....
Anyone else get their hopes up that this post would be about VOIP? I did....just a little. :D
Those seem like an insignificant problem in comparison to the VOIP and In-put lag problems.
voip need feedback please
i agree with the input lag. i always have about one second to react to someone and then i get shot
What is wrong with the QBU-88 Sniper rifle and MG36-LMG?
Glad hear that, But What About Patching The Issues BF3 Has Had From The Beginning And The Ones It Has Now Since The Last Patch For Consoles?? Version 1.02 on PS3 and Not Sure For Xbox!!! That is what us Console Players are waiting hear about, When Will They Get Fixed For Us??
The usual...... Actions speak louder then words. There are a lot of other things that are older then this issues and they havent been fixed yet.
OMG after all of this this is your word to us?? Confirm the damn VOIP problems and fix the damn VOIP for the PS3 ! !
@ikillu88 Those 2 guns on the B2K Maps are being held over your head and your not able to aim or shoot right with them, on regular maps they work fine. Some people have this issue others don't!!!
Be sure to fix the squads as well :) the game now divides us up to even up the teams whenever we join any map.
fix voip, if we cant communicate we really cant play. I have stopped playing for now, waiting until voip is fixed then a may come back. The voice communication was one of the huge benefits of this game.

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