Nations Cup XV: Team United Kingdom!

zh1nt0 10 years ago

Home to many successful esport teams all around, Battlefield has enjoyed a lot of attention on the isle. You may remember Team Dignitas as a powerhouse in the Battlefield e-sport world, all the way from good old Battlefield 1942. Although the Battlefield team for Dignitas was as British as Madonna considering almost no British players actually played there, Dignitas was home to a lot of Nordic and German talents but the e-sport organization has shown that they know how to build successful teams and make it count in world finals!

UK has a huge playerbase, considering that a large part of the known world is still part of the empire *cough* South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Pitcairn Islands and Kiribati. Amongst the players for Team UK, you have some great players from Rush Zone, Karnage and PROXY. These players pack some skill and I´m pretty sure UK has a great lineup this time around. Last time the Brits managed to get into the playoffs was during the BF 2142 Infantry Tournament where they lost against the Russians with ONLY 3 tickets. I´m not entirely sure that the Brits will make it to the finals but I do believe that they will do their best and be tough to beat, at least in the group stages.

This time around, UK is probably going to face the toughest games against Denmark and Poland who both have some great teams for the Nations Cup. So let´s raise our cups of tea high up and wish Team UK the best of luck. If they don´t manage to win, I heard Spice Girls are going to reunite for the Summer Olympics in London.

Team UK on Battlelog []

Lineup for Nations Cup is:

rush.Duky Rush Zone
Beargrylls PROXY
Born Rush Zone
celticgirl N/A
dLIGHT Rush Zone
Ezekial Epsilon
Jamesey PROXY
JonesyWelsh TCM
Lindl3y XSS
Luciferlololol Rush Zone
Marrowlol Karnage E-sports
Mazi Rush Zone
radis Karnage E-sports BF3 Captain
Scribbles Rush Zone

My protip for this group is:

1. Denmark
2. Poland
3. UK

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