Minor PC Update

List of issues fixed:

Support for Intel’s new Ivy Bridge product line (as yet unreleased)

Fixes for two reproducible client crashes:
Operation Firestorm- Conquest Large – Fixed a client crash when users spawn in certain vehicles.

Canals - Rush – Fixed a client crash at the 2nd set of mcoms if the player drives a vehicle into the vicinity of the exploding rocket battery.

AMD Radeon 7xxx series performance improvements

This minor fix is releasing on the 14th February, 8AM UT. This download will be via Origin.

We would also like to inform the community that we have several ongoing developments with regards to balance and gameplay, performance, stability and the overall feature set that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Comments (3827)

FIRST! And I like it. Ignore all the idiots that are jelly. <3
Oilfields ? =O
Is this a joke?
We need a fix for that too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97zbp39V5SE&list=LL74kgch3KOu_tWezwyJE4Rw&index=7&feature=plpp_video
Minor indeed. Thanks for these fixes. Looking forward to future, more substantial, fixes.
yes, when are we getting Console updates..
Thanx you.i wait a next uptade
Yay. Now to balance the Havoc and give it a chance!
You really need to fix punkbuster fake bans. And take care of players, not send them to submit a ticket on even balance.
Fix those damn inocent PB bans!
we need also a fix for loosing the crosair...... that is fucking anoying..
May I ask what are those Oilfields? Daqing Oilfields from BF2, Firestorm?
@nonrealu i feel you. HEAR THAT DICE??? GET INVOLVED!!! A lot of people getting fake bans on Punkbuster.
Good news and keep up the good work. I must say I don't use to whine and I can only imagine all the work you have to do, BUT this is definitely not the kind of patch we were waiting for. Some "teasing announcement" has been done last month on Twitter, Battlelog, Facebook, with some "big announcement" from EA whatshisname. I'll say that again : good news, but not enough. So keep up the good work.
Oilfields? are we getting updates for the upcoming map pack? Or is it a type and do you mean Kargh/Firestrom
do wot u want dice ea it wont make a difference ,ive and many more have lost interest in this poor shoddy product
oilfoeld is firestorm
AMD Radeon 7xxx series performance improvements Finally!!!
Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed with that. Really hoping for the supposed BIG patch this week but as has been said many times - DICE won't do it till atleast the very end of the month. :(
oilfields? do you mean Op Firestrorm?
communication. congrats
DICE SPEAKS! Glad to see that the game we all spent 60 dollars on and earned EA/DICE somewhere in the neighborhood of $660M gets a "minor update" every once in a while. Fail...
"Oilfields? are we getting updates for the upcoming map pack? Or is it a type and do you mean Kargh/Firestorm" thats my fault sorry! :)
Nice! Thanks looking forward to the bigger update.
As a 7970 owner, I'm more than pleased with this announcement! Great work, at least, I hope to notice that, and keep em coming!!!
Any news regarding the connection issues you introduced two and half months ago? Been rather quiet on that front..
After 2 months without a patch, we're left with a small patch fixing minor things which we probably won't notice, yet the big patch will not even make it this month I bet.

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