New on Battlelog: Live Scoreboard

Elxx 4 years ago 2940 comments

The live scoreboard shows you what is happening on a PC server and is useful in many ways. When you view a server's details, it shows the progression of the current game and real-time updates on each player's performance.

If you have ever joined a server just to watch the round end in a loss for your team 5 seconds later, you'll love the live scoreboard on the updated server browser. With a quick glance, you can immediately see how many tickets or kills are left before the end of the round.

If you don't see the live scoreboard in your Battlelog yet, don't worry. We are rolling it out to more users every day to gather performance data and community feedback before releasing it for everyone.

Comments (2940)

Load of shit, roll back the patch FFS, dont you see how many players you are losing because of your incompetance.
and in the end we will sell individual bullets
I like that community feedback has been taken into account here.
Awesome! Been needing this a lot of times.
I like it.
Awesome, looks amazing
Nice... sounds sweet
Nice, looking forward to this.
This is a great addition!! Good Work Battlelog team! :)
about time they added this!
pfft MAV still elevator, and still can roadkill with them without them exploding, well done DICE
Nice !!!
Good idea, now we can see how many tickets are left in the round. Great addition.
This simple and important feature should really have been there from the off. It has caused me great misery to join a server with only 3 tickets left. I won't be thanking or commending this inclusion on account if its neglect. Remember to include these important features in future games.
Its good to see that the game is continued to be improved constantly, new patches new maps new tweaks and add on here and there, good stuff guys
Sounds very nice!
will this be for xbox / ps3 also?
Would like this on console too!
Great! :)
Nice, looking forward to this... :)
Very low ping 1~2 ms
Nice quality of life additions to Battlelog. The ability to see the progress of any game mode on any server is a feature which is often forgotten about; but it's really useful. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

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