Inside DICE: Tweets from the Battlefield

In the latest episode of “Inside DICE”, Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz answers your tweeted questions on weapon balancing and more. Head to the Battlefield Blog for the full story: []

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1 st.
Yeah, right, now fix the MASS already! :/
Yeah but what about surpression and stuff.
Srsly.. when r u gonna do something for the game? we can sit and discuss weapons like public retards all day, but when r the features gonna come for this game?...
At least the balancing should be fair enough...for now...
Yay! 13th?
Time to shoot some nuts
TWEETS FROM BUGGERFIELD...--4 for DIABLO 3 realease and after that i will just unnistall this 20gb of shit from my PC.....
Yeah. Fix the black screen bug please. Oh, and the co-op connection problems. And while you're at it, EVERYTHING ELSE AS WELL.
that's some relevant questions. mongo cretins
Allright, I'll read...
2nd page yay.
REALY!!?? DICE,Please please pleas,fix the low fps proplem.
nobody wants to here this bullshit fix the fucking game already and while your at it play the dam game yourself so you can see how shitty it is because of your patch
23 :)
wow thats the news, thats inside Dice reading tweets off a Devs account. You basically saying get your news on twitter or reddit. Spam the Devs on those sites because they can't come up with new stuff for this one. Like posting a ECM vid that shows its obviously broken to fuck on the jets. What about Lag, or Disconnects or literally people joining American servers from all over the world making the game unplayable at times. Or what about normal EA/Dice Servers. But no, you post a few Q/A from twitter what the Fuck is wrong with you...
I'm not like all thoose whiners, I think the patch was overall pretty good. BUT they are right on one thing, you should fix major bugs like the DART as soon as possible instead of waiting for a massive patch months later.
Developers; play the game for an hour or two and fix the many problems that infuriate you :) simple
Fix the FPS drop since the last patch, instead of discussing weapons etc. !!
I honestly don't understand why you can't fix the M26 bug already???
Nice with some words from DICE, thats all i ask for. :0)
Nice story bro...

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