Massive June change list for Battlefield 3 just went live!

We are very happy to present the contents of our next Battlefield 3 game update! This is a big one, rolling out June 4-5. Head to the Battlefield Blog for the full details, including a solution to the M26 dart issue, reduced suppression, and the introduction of colorblind support on console: []

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Can't wait to see what they broke this time. :)
Can't wait to see what they broke this time. :)
Great. Please fix no stats bug.
It took too long to fix!
Massive. LOL
Lets see what they nerfed this time...
need reconnect function.
SPEC. mode please
"Increased the effectiveness of the Aim Assist at close range. Testing in Close Quarters proved our current assist to be inadequate in tight quarters. This is a global change, and will improve the effectiveness of Aim Assist for all modes and maps. Aim Assist over distance is still significantly less effective. This is console only, as Aim Assist is not present on PC. If you prefer, you can also turn it off on console." WTF? If people cannot aim in close quarters then they deserve to lose. WHY HELP WITH AIM ASSIST? This just closes the skill gap and does nothing for the competitive scene. Great that you reduced suppression but seriously, take of the aim assist for console, you do not need to help people aim, its the whole point of FPS games, we don't want any help aiming!!!
How big is the patch ???
Yes, so tired of the idiots who spam every little weapon that has a glitch. Maybe now those who have servers stop with the lame no shotguns crap...that boils my blood to see you play warfare then say oh you can't use grenades or bullets, dumb! Roll on update, hey DICE would it kill you guys to have slight variants of official servers that have 200 ticket count on TDM, it gets a bit boring that all you have are the same servers 100 tickets and matches last around 15 minutes shorter when there are nothing but sharpshooters running amok. Some variety would be nice 2-4 servers running 200 tickets in TDM all maps and split that with half using only BF3 maps.
Nice am reading the blog update now ;3
yes pleas fix stats i unlocked the it goes boom assignment today and the kobra rds for the m240 the kobra unlocked fine but on battlelog it says its not unlocked and either is the QBZ-95B for the assignment... im also about 3000xp behind what battlelog says and my ps3 says for instance battlelog says i have 12,410 ps3 says i have 12.407 but the last game i played that had my score says i have 15,300 towards lvl 40.
bit late complaining about aim assist, it's been on the consoles since day one. The reason using the damn controller is slow as it has to accelerate to get to where you are aiming unlike a PC mouse where it's where you point at blazing speed is where your bullets are going. Everyone on the console has the same handicap, so why cry?
Oi dice, I thought the USAS 12 meant that the gun shot 12 pellets, not 7.... Also with the AA guns, do you want to make air useless now, atleast make the counterbalance that they're able to get destroyed...
Looks like sh*t, isn't bringing me back to BF3, that game is over for me. How can a game with so much potential be neglected and destroyed so badly?
oh yea!!!
If input lag (specially input lag) and suppression is fixed as specified in this patch notes I will buy BF3 Premium as an appreciation for your work.
so that spec mode, where the hell is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spec mode ffs
what about nighvision binocular spotting or irnv through smoke in metro ??
Yeah :D Very good new for us thanks DICE !
Jep, I like to see your patch ruins the game so hard :D Again :D:D:D
sounds good
not the MG36 Extended Mag bug! come on!

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