Premium Event: Compete in Armored Kill

Join our Premium exclusive competition to see who can get the most kills in Tank Superiority! If you are one of the top 5 players on your format during these 72 hours, you will receive a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3. Good luck and have fun!

How to join the competition
1. Become a Premium member
Make sure you are a Premium member. This competition is exclusive to our more than 1.5 million Premium members.

2. Download Armored Kill
The competition will run in Tank Superiority game mode from Armored Kill only, so make sure you have downloaded Armored Kill (available at no extra charge if you are a Premium member). Download instructions.

3. Join our servers
Find one of the Premium exclusive competition servers. These will all be named “September Premium Competition” and have a number attached to it. You can search for this name using the manual server browser’s filter functionality.

4. Enter the server password
Enter the password for the Premium exclusive competition server. You will find the password when confirming below that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for this competition.

5. Dominate in Tank Superiority
During 72 hours, we will monitor who can accumulate the most kills in Tank Superiority. Be among the top 5 on your format to win a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3.

Competition times
The competition starts at 9AM UTC this Friday (September 28th). Click this link to see a handy countdown to when the event starts. The competition ends 72 hours later.

What maps are you running?
The competition servers will circulate all four maps from Armored Kill in Tank Superiority mode: Alborz Mountains, Armored Shield, Bandar Desert, and Death Valley.

Terms & conditions

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

The server password for the competition servers is: sepcomp

Confirming that you have read and accepted the terms & conditions will reveal the password that you need to be able to enter the competition servers.

Comments (489)

not first n i dont care
had to refresh cuz post didnt worked nice shit ;(
DICE, you fail at failing.
INB4 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th
it the deez hOle
so no special dog tag - wank
Telemetry needs more people in Tank Abomination?
Operation shield?
wow giving us that lithograph -.- thats it?
looks good but why at this time in the morning when everyones got work school or college epic fail dice
Count me in!
Great! :)
"Operation Shield" ;) Isnt it called "Armored Shield"?
Shit I donrt know what number I am, it said 0 comments when I clicked the link BUGGER
LOL, not interested.
pretty slack no Oceania servers..... not much chance of us winning or even being and to join in the fun!
So uh where are the servers?
Thank's for the warning ;-)

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