Welcome Medal of Honor to Battlelog

trydling 5 years ago

Please join us in welcoming Medal of Honor Warfighter into the Battlelog community! As you may know, our friends over at Danger Close are launching the Medal of Honor Warfighter Open Beta on Xbox 360 tomorrow (October 5th).

At the GamesCom show earlier this year, they announced that Medal of Honor would take full advantage of the Battlelog social platform. The Open Beta marks the first step on the journey towards full Battlelog integration.

Switch back and forth between Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor at will.

Already now, you can see a new menu item at the top of the Battlelog landing page. If you click the MOHW item, it will instantly take you to the separate Medal of Honor section of Battlelog, also reachable via the individual URL battlelog.medalofhonor.com. Entering battlelog.battlefield.com will always take you to your normal Battlefield 3 space, so no changes there.

Track your progress in the Warfighter Nations metagame here on Battlelog.

You will probably start seeing some Medal of Honor activity among your friends here on Battlelog as the Open Beta kicks into gear. More specifically, if your friends start playing the Medal of Honor Open Beta, that will show up as an activity in your Battle Feed. You will also be able to see in the Com Center when your friends are playing Medal of Honor. Finally, if they choose to publish any activities in their Game Activity feed, it will show up there as well. You can check out the deep stats tracking and Warfighter Nations metagame in the Medal of Honor section once the Open Beta is live.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the latest Medal of Honor trailer above, then join the Open Beta by downloading it from Xbox Live Marketplace to see what the game is all about. The Open Beta will be live on Xbox Live Marketplace on October 5th around 11:00 CEST (click the link to see what time this equates to in your region). Medal of Honor Warfighter launches on October 23rd.

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