Capture 6.66 million bases together to win a new dog tag

trydling 10 years ago

Presenting our third monthly dog tag challenge to the entire community. Can you clear it before Aftermath is launched and claim your third bonus dog tag as a reward?

This month, we are preparing the dog tag “Trolling” for unlocking – if you can complete the challenge we have set before you. And this time around, we are asking the entire community irrespective of platform to help reach the goal together.

Your mission: Capture and/or defend 6.66 million bases in Armored Kill before the end of November 27.

We will start measuring your progress towards this goal on November 23 00:00 UTC (which means November 22 in the afternoon if you’re on the US west coast).

If you collectively reach the goal of 6.66 million bases captured and defended in Armored Kill before the launch of Aftermath on November 27, we will instantly unlock the “Trolling” dog tag for you in the game.

We will get back to you once the dog tag challenge starts. Click the links below to see start times and end times for this challenge. We will automatically count your stats as long as you play Conquest on any map from Armored Kill on any server.

Good luck and have fun!

November Dog Tag Challenge starts (click link for time comparisons)
November 22 15:00 PST (Los Angeles)
November 23 00:00 UTC (London)
November 24 08:00 JST (Tokyo)

November Dog Tag Challenge ends (click link for time comparisons)
November 27 07:00 PST
November 27 16:00 UTC
November 28 00:00 JST

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