Check out the Battlefield 3: Aftermath Launch Trailer

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is rolling out today for our PS3 Premium members! Check out the launch trailer below, featuring gameplay footage from all four maps.

Aftermath goes live for PS3 Premium members the following times (these are standard publishing time slots used by Sony):

In Europe: Nov 27 4-8 PM GMT
In the US: Nov 27 4-8 PM PST
In Japan/Asia: Nov 28 10 AM-2 PM JST

Make sure you accept the latest game patch, then download Aftermath from the in-game store or PlayStation Store at no extra charge if you are a PS3 Premium member. Then give Scavenger mode and the new crossbow a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below!

UPDATE: For Xbox 360 and PC Premium members, Aftermath will be available on December 4.

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aleksi shut the fuck up already :D
الله اكبر
awesome guys !!
الله أكبر
Not even done with unlocks for the Armored Kill...
یا ابلفرض :دی
الصفحه الاولى ههههههههههههه
What about Australia?
Already watched it
Release the damm aftermath for ps3 premium users!!!!
when is going to go live for ps3? im a premium member and it hasnt showed up this morning
Oh yea :D
when you gonna release it?
i figured it out
Awesome *_* I wanna play now !!!
haha. a release trailer for a dlc that still doesnt exist. wow. xD
Looks amazing! :D

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