Battlelog update brings dog tag and Scavenger mode fixes

trydling 5 years ago

Today we rolled out a small update to Battlelog with some tweaks and fixes, mainly focused on dog tag presentations. Full details below.

Battlelog December 3 change list
Fixed the Scavenger mode Battle Reports to properly display team information

Restored previous dog tag sorting order as the alphabetical sorting introduced in the last Battlelog update was unintentional

Fixed dog tag “Expansions” filter not showing Aftermath dog tags

Added an “ALL” button to the new dog tag filter options for the “Types” selection. Known issue: The Premium and Expansion filter options do not return all the dog tags associated with this filter — This will be resolved in a later Battlelog update

Fixed homepage CO-OP button that was not working as intended

Fixed chat window boxes not getting proper focus when opening them

Fixed some weapons showing as locked with a negative unlock score amount left (some weapons might still have this behavior – we are working on a fix)

Fixed equipment stats not showing up correctly

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