Dog tag unlocked: 10 billion reached!

UPDATE: We are happy to report that all players made a great effort in the latest community challenge and reached 10 billion in team score in the allotted time.

As a reward, we are now preparing the “Party Pooper” dog tag for unlocking — You should see it on Battlelog and in-game now. Thanks for participating and for being a great team player!

Are you ready for the ultimate team player challenge? We have a new community challenge dog tag ready for unlocking – but only if you can amass 10 billion in team score together with your fellow Battlefield 3 players!

You know you want it. You have to be a great team player to get it -- together with the rest of the community.

We are proud to announce our new dog tag challenge testing your team player abilities to the max. If you’re already thinking about taking part in the January Premium competition, there’s no need to choose between the two. Participating in the Premium competition will automatically mean you are also contributing to the dog tag challenge, since they are tracking the same team actions.

Full details below. Good luck and have fun!

Challenge: Reach 10 billion (10,000,000,000) in team score
When: From January 25-29 UTC (Click link for exact times)
Who: All Battlefield 3 players, all platforms work together
Criteria: Any server, any map, any mode
Eligible team actions for this challenge:
Savior kills
Ammo resupplies
Spot assists
Squad attack orders
Squad defend orders

Score awarded for these team actions: Same as in-game
Unlocks: “Party Pooper” dog tag

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first site!
you all fail
Good Job poland.
BRAsil !!!!!!!!!!
Sounds cool
ioaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to na glob
Looks nice!!!
nice dice
this fast ??! what addicted players :)
and the server down 28-29 then ?
i honestly didn't think it was possible. keep up the good work guys :)
hmmm server maintenance fail :(
nice tag
we're screwed if there's downtime on 28/29
oh really!
sexy :)

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