Battlefield Legacy Weekend: 2142

Play classic Battlefield games with friends, revisit your favorite Battlefield memories, and rekindle rivalries!

This weekend we’re going back to the future in Battlefield 2142.

1) Re-download, re-install, or buy your copy on Origin now:
2) Let your friends know that you’re playing – invite them to this event!
3) Get your Titan Mode on!

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Why not for free?
it should be for free
But cant you give it for free ^^ ?
We want Battlefield 4 BETA.
We want this to be free.
it should be for free...
Why don't u give it for free?
What a joke, you should give it away for free if you want masses of people to play it.
If you're not going to put it out there for free, might as well put it on sale.
C'mon, make it for free. People who haven't played it need to try it out!
It should be free :(
Fuck yeah! Missed 2142 so much :3
stupid link doesn't even link to it properly. I hate seeing origin. frustrates me everytime.
best battlefield ever
Had alot of fun with 2142. The memories......
EA + Dice = $$ lol
50% off promo code please, then i will consider :)
Not to parrot everyone else here, but ah... it definitely should have been free. No way I'm paying $15 for an antiquated game I have somewhat fond memories of.
Bring out 2143!
A great game of BF series, which was neglected by Dice, because it is producing the first Bad Company A little more than a whim and the game would be the best of the series, because the possibilities were endless I would love to see a continuation of this new engine would be insurmountable
Give it to us for free and we will play !
Where's the DeLorean?
Maybe this is a trial for Titan mode in BF4? Maybe they want to see if it still good for people. And I say TITAN MODE FOR BF4 ASAP
Why play that when BF3 exists?
BF2142 is the top game. Ok tha graphics are aged but.... gameplay is AWESOME!!
All comments are about getting this for free, come on, it's only 10 bucks, pay to play. This is gaming, can't always be free.
I'm in
oooh yeah second comment!
<3 WHAT A GAME! :)

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