Battlelog in Battlefield 4

trydling 10 years ago

Frostbite, Levolution, Commander Mode, and All Out War aren’t the only things that make Battlefield 4 the first truly next-gen experience. Battlelog is evolving on the web, mobile devices, and connecting Battlefield players in entirely new ways.

With Battlefield, 4 your mobile device and tablet become a window into your game. Get a tactical view of the battlefield, highlight attack points on the mini map, and track your squad mates, all from your device or computer. The improved Battlelog will also allow you to more fluidly control your play sessions. Change your weapons and load outs in real time or select your next match and server without leaving your game. Want to check on your progression while you’re playing? You don’t have to pause or leave – just reach for your mobile.

We’re also evolving the way that you compare and compete. Want to know who among your friends is the best tank destroyer or who can capture the most bases? With the new Missions feature you’ll be able to create custom challenges for your friends. A completed mission or improvement on a current record will notify your friends, letting them know it’s time to log on and try to take back their title!

Geo-localized leaderboards will allow players to focus on the area that means the most to them. Compare statistics on the city, country, continental, and global levels. Make new friends and rivals with people near and far as you compete on the scale that you choose.

These improvements are just part of how we’re making Battlefield 4 the best Battlefield ever. Pre-order Battlefield 4 today!

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