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UPDATED: Battlefield 4 Beta Rollout Times

trydling 2 years ago 1947 comments

The Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta starts October 1st, with the Open Beta following on the 4th.BF4 Exclusive Beta starts October 1!

If you’re wondering what time the Beta will start to become available, find out below.

NOTE: Click your respective platform’s time to find the equivalent time zone for your region. PC players can find out when exactly the beta is available in their time in the Origin app itself.

Exclusive Beta Rollout Starts (October 1st):
PC: Live now!
Xbox 360 world-wide
: 2-6 AM PDT
PlayStation 3 (Europe): 7-11 AM PDT
PlayStation 3
(US): 3-7 PM PDT

NOTE: release times for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are controlled by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. The Beta will start to become available within the range or times above, per console.

The European rollout of the Exclusive Beta on PS3 has started. It can however take some time before all eligible users will be able to see it in the PlayStation Store. If you can’t see it now, please check again later.

The world-wide rollout of the Exclusive Beta on X360 has started. It will however take some time before all eligible users will be able to see it on the Xbox Dashboard. If you can’t see it now, please check again later.

Open Beta Rollout starts (October 4th):
The Battlefield team is hard at work getting the Open Beta live.
The beta will be rolling out worldwide over the course of the day, and won’t necessarily be made available at the same time across platforms.

Please note that release times for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are controlled by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. The beta will be available within the range or times above, per console.

Comments (1947)

GUYS I GOT IT FOR XBOX 360!!! I have been trying to figure it out all night but I finally did! 1. Go to console settings, change your locale to United Kingdom 2. Sign out of your profile 3. you should see the bf4 exclusive beta now in the games tab. Click it. 4. now hovering over the bf4 beta tab, sign back into your account via the Home button on the Xbox controller, otherwise the beta tab will disappear when you sign in( if you sign in a different way) 5. Now the beta should be downloading!
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HOOAH for counterknifing!!! FUCK YES
*CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* Great job EA or Microsoft. Whoever is behind this colossal fuck up deserves a fucking medal.
I Will see you guys on the SKYSCRAPER!
anybody else hyped as i am???
This would of been nice to know yesterday so I could of got some sleep lol
i got hard...
u muthafuckers it will be the 2nd of october for australians,im done with ea and dice longtime player but last straw cancelling all pre orders go fuck yourself cunts.
It's voice activated ~they are listening~ You have to say: "Xbox, stop being a cunt".
will Battlefield 4 Premium include beta rights?
Yet again aussie PS3 players getting screwed. No officially listed times for australia, and now ps3 players have to wait. Complete bullshit ! Next time you annouce a release of any kind EA/DICE, include australia in your timings. Would greatly appreciate it !
i guess ill just be sittin here masturbating
2pm ffs, that's 6 hours away!
Not first
Microsoft get your shit together for christ sake.
Fuckit, I'm playing GTA V Online.
3min till 7am in Indiana and still no beta
I'm on the East coast and the UK thing worked. 1, sign out of xbox live. 2, go to console settings, click the language and locale tab. 3, change locale to United Kingdom. This will disconnect you from xbox live, don't sign back in! Go to network and TEST your connection, then when your connected go to the games tab and you'll see the BF4 exclusive beta. 4, click that and it'll take you to the BF4 page with the beta in the upper right tab. 5, click it and then it will ask you to sign in but DON'T! Press the B button to go back to the page you were just on AND THEN sign in from you controller button. Click the tab again and Download. That's it
Xbox 360 Beta should arrive within the next 15 minutes. In 15 minutes Xbox Live updates its servers automatically, and BF4 beta would likely be in that update. For those who are wondering, here is how you get to it if it arrives. Note: Resetting the system might be required. From the dashboard... Games > Browse Games > Featured
They should give xbox users an extra hour of the beta I mean its not there fault its microsofts
Can't wait to dump milk on all you faggots.
Another quarter of an hour then im off to bed. Fucking Microsoft, ruining my day...
Well I just got the message saying I have been invited to the beta on my 360, still no sign of the actual beta
see what dice should have done was just put it in the premium section of bf3s shop boom problem solved buuuut nope they decided to let microsoft and sony control that......derp.
Fuck you Microsoft.

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