Full Week of Double XP in BF4

Join in on the full week of Double XP that just started in Battlefield 4! Starting Nov 28 and running up until Dec 5, you will get Double XP for all matches played on Ranked and Official servers. Join us on the Battlefield now to get a flying start!

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What about BF3?
and what about BATTLEFIELD 3 ??
What about all the people who still support BF3? At the current time, you have over 40,000 people playing this game across 3 systems. Why not reward those who have stayed loyal to this game for over 2 YEARS. It can't be that hard to just flip a switch for 2XP for the BF3 people who may not be able to acquire BF4. This game is still #1 for ALOT of people. Please take care of them too.
Double XP if you manage to get to the end of the match without crashing :)
Dice and Ea you guys aren't doing anymore Double xp in bf3 to make us buy Battlefield 4? wtf man I Quit!
BF3 Forever Alone :(
all we need is game fixing, NOT double XP
C'mon, BF3!
EA, make BF3 on next gen , earn a lot of money
What if you use the xp boosts too? Do you get even more than double?
I don't wanna get 2XP on a Beta, Give us 2XP on BF3 !
fix golmud railway sound bug!
EA, make BF3 on next gen , earn a lot of money
How about fixing all the issues first. I, like many others, can not even play a full game without crashing! i even have problems downloading the updates! WTF
how about you fix the f*cking game, dice? piss on you and your double xp.
Wow, how about you fix the game? I feel ripped off.. this is the last BF game I'll buy, gj DICE.
Hey EA. can u guys tell me what the hell the point of having double xp is when people get kicked out of the game 24/7 and cant even earn xp PERIOD!?! Can u guys stop releasing crap for games? I guess this is what I get for buying a battlefield game instead of call of duty. first and last time ill ever go BF over CoD. All u guys do is ruin good studios. You guys screwed up bioware and made the founders take the fall. and u guys wonder why u r one of the most hated companies. go ahead and ban me from the forums and origin, but be prepared to be take to court for selling incomplete products that dont live up to your advertising.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izs_SbAbOds ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Meaning Of Life >> Powerful Spoken Word
Fix BF4 Dice its all op
crashing alot DICE fix it please
Doubled bugs!
my game doesnt work :( it give error ' bf4 stopped workıng ' please help me :((
Good Luck!!!! ATM when i Play i does in BF3.
2xp/// again
yeah man thanks dice
You are truly made of smoke and mirrors EA...
Cant wait for ps4 version!!! :p
Generic comment about how the game doesn't work... It's a holiday. Go outside. Enjoy your family.

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