The Road to Battlefield 1 Launch Livestream is Coming

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You’re days away from being able to go hands-on with the final version of Battlefield 1. The EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial* kicks off on October 13, the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition lands on October 18, and the worldwide release of Battlefield 1 comes on October 21. But we’ve got one last surprise up our sleeves for anyone interested in learning everything there is to learn about Battlefield 1: a 10-day long livestream event you won’t want to miss!

Starting on October 12 and running right up through the launch on October 21, we’ll be hosting daily livestreams for two hours a day, from 1PM to 3PM PT.

What sort of thing will we be showing off? A whole lot. We’ll have every map on display, from Sinai Desert to Suez and Ballroom Blitz. Each mode will be played as well, including new entries Operations and War Pigeons. They’ll be played by members of the Battlefield community team, as well as a bunch of special guests.

You can see the full schedule and find out more details on the Battlefield Live page. So, what do you think, ready for the last leg on the Road to Battlefield 1? We sure are, and we can’t wait to show you everything we have to offer.


Comments (277)

Boring! Who wants to watch a live stream? Give this a like if you'd rather get in on the action:)
Stop pre-ordering games. CANCEL all pre-orders until we get some concrete answers on rented servers. Stop being part of the problem by pre-ordering games!
I predict BF1 will fail
Game is really expensive!!!
Battlefield is RIP since BF2.
make it 39$ for all :) yay !
* scratches ass and eats popcorn while reading all these comments *
I do so enjoy all the haters comments, it's like free entertainment. Have nothing better to do than diss someone else's hard work. You have a lot to say, lets see you put a better game together and lets see the comments on your efforts. Doubt you could put out a decent tick tack toe game together.
I predict BF1 will fail too
oh yes iam wait i love bf1 and 4 and hardline and bf3
Overwatch will last longer than BF1, even when the next Battlefield beta is out, Overwatch will be going strong. I know because Blizzard = quality > quantity. EA and it's slave DICE = quantity > quality. A perfect example is the broken bayonet charge in the BF1 beta. "It's a beta" say the noobs, LOL so BF4 is in beta too? Because the knifing and counterknife have been broken for years in BF4. TV missile suicide glitch is still a thing in chopper, how does DICE fix? Remove chopper and call it WWI
Hopefully this game will be the final nail in the coffin for EA/DICE parasites!!
i can't wait for BF1 !!!!!!!
Don't care...
I can wait bf 2143 !!
to expensive for a reskin will fail like hardline
People are hating about glitches and how bf1 is the same as bf4 but lets be real its nothing like it. there's new game mechanics. And very different combat. If yall cant get over yourself don't buy it don't spread your negatively here.
garbagefield 1
BF1 for money waste. BF1 noooo goooood
I cant wait 4 it!
fuxk your live stream of shit, no game of battlefield will work fine your dump game developer
R$ 500,00 Hooahh! Thanks $A/D$CE!
Hooah if you like eggplant.
That picture looks cool.
you fucking shit head of dice and ea, go fuck yourself
i cumm every
Battlefield 2143 please. Stop being EA's bitch DICE!! Hell a re-mastered 2142 would be better then bf1.
Yeeehaa bring it on so excited :-P

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