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BF4 PC update is now live

trydling 4 years ago

For the very latest in server updates and game updates, just head to this forum post in the Battlelog forums. You will always find the latest info there.

UPDATE: PC update is now live, and we’ll post more details on the patch in a couple of hours.

BF4 launches on PS4 with 64 players

trydling 4 years ago

This is launch week for Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4!

The next generation kicks off with the PlayStation 4 launch in North America, together with the launch title Battlefield 4 — packing 64-player all-out vehicle warfare in 60 frames per second.

If you’ve started playing on PS3, you can upgrade to a PS4 version for as low as $9.99/£9.99/9.99€ and bring your multiplayer stats and unlocks as you make the jump.

Learn 64 reasons to play Battlefield 4 over at the Battlefield Blog.

BF4: Server Update R7 Rolled Out, Fixes Server Crashes

trydling 4 years ago


We just rolled out a new server update (R7) for Battlefield 4 that should fix some of the most common server crashes across all platforms. Let us know if this patch improves server stability for you.

For everyone interested in some of the tweaks we are working on for Battlefield 4, just head to this forum post for the latest details:

Keep the feedback coming! We are listening.

Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – We Have a Winner

4 years ago

The Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs. USA event has come to a conclusion, and we are thrilled by the intense multiplayer matches that the two teams offered. Team Europe and Team USA fought bravely on the reimagined Caspian Border from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 4 Second Assault, and the fight continued on maps such as Flood Zone and Golmud Railway from the base game.

In case you have missed this epic BF4 clash on Xbox One, or just want a second helping of the all-out war madness, you can watch the entire Showdown through the link below.

Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs. USA