We Are Battlefield 1: Thanking Our Community

6 years ago

Thanks for joining us in L.A. for EA PLAY! It was a true pleasure to connect with you, the Battlefield 1 community, both in person and through our announcements. We showed you more of Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar, the next expansion pack coming in September, and let you go hands on with Nivelle Nights, the first of two night maps.

Now, we’d like to thank you. Not only do you supply helpful feedback that enables us to continue to improve Battlefield 1. Your passion and devotion inspires us to keep perfecting our game.

As the video above demonstrates, the Battlefield 1 community excels at capturing those crazy gameplay moments and showing off outlandish skills. Equally important is the comradery and support you give each other – and the team at DICE. It’s quite the thing to see.

A Revolution is Coming to Battlefield 1: Learn about all the upcoming content

Thanks for your dedication, feedback, and awesome content you share daily. The battlefield would be empty without it.

Andrew Gulotta, Battlefield 1 Producer

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