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trydling 5 years ago

We recently turned on the ability for you to enable Facebook Sharing about your progress in Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

BF4 Facebook Sharing

You can enable this feature in the menu under your profile picture (see image). Facebook Sharing lets you brag about earned ranks, ribbons, and medals. It also lets your friends know when you join a new game, win a round, or get awarded Top Player Awards. These stories will by default be published in your Facebook Activity Feed, encouraging your friends to join your game and outcompete you.

Through your shared stories, your friends will be able to see what server you’re playing on, join your game (if you’re still playing), access the Battlefield 4 Beta, or analyze your performance post-game through the Battle Report.

That’s it! Let your friends know about Battlefield 4 by enabling Facebook Sharing — you can always turn it off if you change your mind.

This is our first iteration of Facebook Sharing from Battlefield, and like always we appreciate your feedback. What kind of stories from Battlefield 4 would you like to see on Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

Join the Battlefield 4 Open Beta and help us make the game better. The Beta runs until October 15 at 10 UTC/3 PDT.

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