Share the game for a chance to get a BF4 hoodie

trydling 5 years ago

Share your passion for Battlefield 4 for a chance to receive one of fifty Battlefield 4 hoodies!

With the new Social Sharing feature, your Facebook friends will be able to see your progression in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Ranking up, earning new medals, or winning a game of explosive Obliteration, are some examples of occurrences that can be made visible in these Facebook posts. Your Facebook friends can also see when you join a server, so they in turn can join you on the Battlefield.

Not only does Social Sharing let your friends find you in the game, it also enables Facebook friends who doesn’t own Battlefield 4 to discover what the game is all about. These people can navigate to Battlefield 4 Boot Camp through your Facebook post, to learn the ropes of Battlefield 4.

Brag about your wins, make people find you in the game, or just let your Facebook friends learn the basics of Battlefield 4 – all thanks to the Social Sharing feature.

If you activate Social Sharing before December 1, 2013 you may be selected to receive 1 of 50 available Battlefield 4 hoodies over at the new DICE Store, courtesy of Jinx. All you need to do for a chance to own a Battlefield 4 hoodie is to activate Social Sharing on Battlelog and have it active on December 1, 2013.

How to activate Social Sharing

It’s quick and easy, and you can always change back if you like. Just hover over your portrait here on Battlelog and click the “Facebook Sharing” button so it lights up green to indicate Social Sharing is activated. Click again to instantly turn the feature off.

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