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BF4 open for preload in the US and EU

We’re opening up Battlefield 4 for preloads in Europe (US has been live for a while)! This means that if you pre-order Battlefield 4 for PC as a digital download on Origin, you can immediately preload it to your hard disk. That way, you’ll make sure you won’t miss a single second of the action as the servers go online starting October 29.

Make sure you don’t miss a moment of the Battle by pre-ordering and preloading now.

Learn more about Battlefield 4 preloads and release times in your region over at EA Answer HQ.

Double XP in Battlefield 3 is Live

2 years ago 365 comments

To warm up before the launch of Battlefield 4, you will now get double XP playing Battlefield 3. Starting 3PM UTC and runing for 120 hours, the XP boost will enable you to rank up faster in Battlefield 3. The double XP period is available for all players on all platforms, on all ranked servers, and on all maps and modes in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 4: Showdown – EU vs. USA

Battlefield 4: Live ShowdownPrepare 4 Showdown. Soon, you will find out which team emerges victorious as 32 of the best European Battlefield 4 players clash with 32 of the most skilled US players. Airing on Xbox Live November 1, Battlefield 4: Showdown Live lets the two teams loose on Battlefield 4: Second Assault on Xbox One. The Commanders of the two forces, AceyBongos and Major Nelson, introduce their teams below.

The Showdown will give you the first close look at the expansion pack Battlefield 4: Second Assault running on Xbox One. Find out more about the Battlefield 4: Showdown Live and how to pledge support to your favorite team at the Battlefield Blog.