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Battlefield 4 China Rising Out Now

4 years ago

The premiere of Battlefield 4 China Rising is now upon us, releasing for a two-week time-exclusive period for Premium Battlefield 4 members! All-new maps and gadgets, plus a new game mode and a very special vehicle await fans in this thrilling expansion.

Battlefield 4 China Rising sees you fighting on the Chinese mainland on four new maps. In Silk Road, you will find yourself at a military outpost surrounded by desert, battling both among man-made structures and on the sand dunes. The lush Guilin Peaks focuses on infantry-based combat; so the heaviest vehicles here are transport helicopters. Dragon Pass is a more vehicle-based map where rivers iconically steep mountains make for a spectacular view, and finally we have the sniper-friendly Altai Range with its vast, open spaces and snowy mountain peaks.

Air Superiority and the New Bombers
China Rising is also adding a new game mode to Battlefield 4 called Air Superiority. Here, you fight for control points on the map, using air units only. This mode is ideal for players who really love and want to focus on their dog fights, without the need to worry about units on the ground.

Altai Range is based on the beautiful mountain range Altai Mountains, located in East-Central Asia.

New Toys and a Fan-Favorite Vehicle
There are two new gadgets in China Rising, the SUAV and UCAV. The SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a Recon exclusive and is basically a remote-controlled plane that you can pilot around the map, in order to spot enemies and laser-designate enemy vehicles. It can also be used to kill enemies. The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is a new toy for the Support class and can be described as a pocket TOW missile. After deployment, this can be guided like a missile and is very effective against vehicles.

The dirt bike is back! Make sure to try out this speedy fan-favorite to move swiftly between control points (or just to do crazy stunts).

And of course, there is the triumphant return of the dirt bike. Fans loved this speedy vehicle in the Battlefield 3 expansion End Game, so that’s why we chose to bring it back for China Rising.

Starting today, China Rising will be available for Battlefield 4 Premium members for a two-week time-exclusive period. Make sure to get Premium to get a head start for all Battlefield 4 expansions, 12 Battlepacks, exclusive new content on a weekly basis, and much more.

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NOW: BF4 PC Game Update released

trydling 4 years ago

Just a quick note that the next PC game update will arrive Dec 3. Among other things, it removes the EMP blur effect we’ve seen your feedback on, as well as the “one-shot kill bug” and the audio issue prevalent on Golmud Railway and Lancang Dam.

As usual, you can always find out the latest on upcoming and released game updates and server updates in the Battlefield 4 Control Room.

PS4 will also get a game update on Dec 3, detailed in the Control Room in this post. We are also finalizing the next game updates for X360, PS3, and Xbox One, but we don’t have set dates for those just yet. It is looking likely that some of those will be ready at the end of this week at the earliest. We will have more details on the dates and contents of these soon.

Battlefield 4 Commander App – Out Now on Android and iOS

4 years ago

UPDATE 04/28/15: We are no longer supporting Commander mode on mobile platforms. For more information, please read here.

If you’re curious on Battlefield 4 and its Commander Mode, you may want to know that the power of command now extends to tablets as we release the Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander app! Thanks to a slick interface and intuitive touch controls, the app will give you the full Commander experience on the go.

Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander is available now on iOS tablets (iPad 2 and up, aswell as iPad Mini, iOS 6.1 and up) and on Android tablets (Screen sizes 7” and up, 1ghz dual core,1024mb ram,1024×600 resolution, Android 4.0.3 or newer).

Q: I play Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Can I still play Commander on tablet?
A: Absolutely! The Commander app works with any platform you can run Battlefield 4 on.

Q: How do I select a specific server to join?
A: You can select specific servers to join through the Battlelog app. Simply go into Multiplayer, select a server, and join using the “Commander” button. This will automatically launch the Commander app and join the server.

Q: Does the app work over 3G?
A: Yes.

We believe you will find the Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander a powerful and entertaining tool, but don’t take our word for it! Check out LevelCapGaming’s review of the app.

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Battlefield 4 Second Assault live stream

4 years ago

Curious to see your favorite Battlefield 3 maps in a new suit? Be sure to catch the Battlefield 4 Second Assault live stream today, starting 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST. If you tune in, you will experience unedited gameplay from the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion, that features reimagined BF3 classics such as Operation Metro and Caspian Border.

The classic maps Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm have all been pushed to their limits thanks to the power of Frostbite 3. Veterans will feel right at home, but should also be prepared for new weapons and Levolution moments, slight changes in the map’s layouts, all-new game mode Capture the Flag, and the return of the Dune Buggy.

Watch the live stream here at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST

In the meantime, check out LevelCapGaming’s impressions of Second Assault: