Dragon Valley 2015 is Coming Soon to Battlefield 4!

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Learn more about Dragon Valley 2015, coming to Battlefield 4 for free!

Last year, we asked the Battlefield community which classic map you wanted to be added to Battlefield 4, and your answers pointed us in one direction: Dragon Valley. Now, this map is being re-imagined as Dragon Valley 2015, for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC with the Legacy Operations DLC, free*  for Battlefield 4!

If you played Battlefield 2, you likely remember the map – it was huge, with a massive number of flags, and destructible and repairable bridges. Our goal for this map is to make a great, large vehicle map for Battlefield 4 but at the same time modernize the original where appropriate.

Some things had to change when reimagining the map. Battlefield 2 featured a poor draw distance (how far you can see in the game world) by today’s standards, and the original map was built around those limitations. We tackled this in several ways: first we increased the terrain verticality to closer mimic a real life Chinese river valley – and to give us more terrain occlusion for long distances, especially on the central island. We also added a dynamic cloud layer, which not only adds a welcomed air-to-ground separation in terms of gameplay, but also helps shroud far distances at ground level. This has the added bonus effect of allowing you to have intense aerial firefights above the cloud level, which looks really, really cool in Battlefield 4.

Destructible and repairable bridges, on the other hand, were something we didn’t need to change a ton. They were something we felt had to be part of the map – this tactical element is a big part of what made the original fun – especially in the land armor department. We are happy to say that we will be bringing these bridges back – and they are a ton of fun to use!

Our Conquest setup has more flags than any other Battlefield 4 map in the game, to mimic the layout of old and get that same type of gameplay. It’s also slightly asymmetrical when it comes to vehicle spawns at flags to mimic the Conquest Assault gameplay. We are extra excited to be able to include Rush on this map, which wasn’t available as a game mode in the original. We think Rush combined with dynamic bridges brings something unique to the table!

And yes, you read that right: Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. We really wanted to push the envelope with Dragon Valley 2015, and that meant being able to make a bigger level, with a larger scale than anything currently in Battlefield 4. Because of that, we made the decision to focus on the more powerful platforms. This doesn’t mean we’re no longer supporting players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with critical updates when needed, but we really wanted to try something big for Dragon Valley, and we think that when you play it, you’ll see the difference.

Dragon Valley 2015 will be a part of the free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC, which will come out alongside the Holiday Update later this year (the DLC and the update are two separate downloads). We’re really excited to share more about this content in the coming weeks.

See you on the Battlefield!



Hoooooaaaah if you're not an EA/DICE hater
Thank You DICE! another Dragon map! :D
Fuck yes! We love you DICE <3
No matter what criticisms DICE has received concerning BF4, they just kept on being awesome. I can't say the same for a lot of Battlefront, but for BF4 I'm impressed.
Prepare for Nosehair Canals!
Well let me repair this bridge with my repair-torch.
Give me Hooah! for no reason.
yay, also bring back "Mashtuur City", that was a cool map on bf2.
So lets move on to a real Karkand remake (not the small BF3 version), Sharqi, Road to Jalalabad and Mashtuur City. Would even pay for this map pack.
Thanks DICE for ur continued efforts! waiting more anxiously for the TDM version of this map doe...(✿ ♥‿♥)
Next one needs to be Kubra dam :D
:( :( :( :( :( :( not for ps3??????????? :( :( :(
DICE thank you for everything!!!
Comparision between BF4 and BF2 (+ tdm canals) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ6atUukejM
RIP old gen
Stfu casuals.
Like this if your a Star Wars fan!!!!
Need maps from BF3 to be updated and added to the BF4 gaming experience.
PLEASE PLEASE STRIKE AT KARKAND and SHARIQI PENINSULA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gladly pay 60$ more <3
Siene Crossing too!
Thank you, DICE you're the best!
Exciting! Brings memories from BF2.
u guys fucked sniping. i paid for a trash game. get the head out of ur fuc.... ass and bring snipers back. bring marksman bonus and take the zeroing back to 0. sniping in this game is now nothing but fucking hitmarkers.
Thanks Dice for this wonderfull map great job
You guy's manage to awe the crowd at high rates. Can you get this one right? WILL THE AWE REALLY BE? :-)

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