Holiday Sale: Great Deals on Battlefield 1 and Other Games

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Origin Holiday Sale: Great Deals on Battlefield 1 and Other Games

The holidays are closing in and to celebrate this, Origin has a great sale on several PC games from EA coming up. The Origin Holiday Sale starts December 22 and will be running through the holidays and end in January.

Games like Battlefield™ 1, FIFA 17, Titanfall 2, and many more are part of the Origin Holiday Sale – so this is a great opportunity to get hold off some of the blockbuster titles you may have missed.

Prices vary between regions, so head to the Origin Store starting December 22 to see what deals are available for you. Enjoy the holidays!

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Terrible user interface, cannot join friends half the time.... no autobalance so you join servers maybe 10 men down and losing... no progression contained in battlepacks only silly skins for weapons that are almost identical no matter what the rank.... I hit people 4/5 times and they turn and 1 shot me with a pistol due to bad hit reg still... purchase weapons and it resets your loadout... cavalry riders that can kill from around 10metres... riders that you shoot and they do not even come off the mount.... horses that gallop after 5/6 bullet hits.... Bargain if you give it away maybe EA
More maps for bf4!!
Battlefield Bad Company 3 or a new WWII game next time!
BF1 lol rip
53.99 EUR for standard edition? No, thanks.
I read the forums, and these quick threads and see BF1 is a LOSER. I played the 10 hour trial for about 2 hours, never played it again. for me, this game should not be BattleField. how do you go from Modern WWI? People like me, that have played BF since the game made it's debut shake our heads. Shame on you EA. Can't rent your own server, without going through you guys, no procon...etc. I am not going to even start. I remember when EA was a outstanding publisher, in the 80's and 90's now it's all about how much money they can get for worse and worse games.. On sale is great....more power to you. but I will not be buying that shit. I learnt my lessons from Battlefield: Hardline.....and Star Wars: Battlefront
We want more BF4 maps!
So where is this sale??? 60 for fucking standard edition??? What kinda sale is that... $130 for ultimate edition.. you people outta your minds.................. This is what a sale is: $40 standard $60 deluxe $80 ultimate
Erm.... because I am going to spend more than twice on what I paid for BF4 premium when it launched to buy a game that has no local servers here in South Africa... I think not.
59,99€ call that a bargain,eh?...f**k no way..
where is the platoons of bf1?
suckered self into buying sometime back,, it isnt worth the frustration,,, game is way to slow, opponent spawns very near objectives your team holds. dying rate in game is inside of 30 sec, most death are from shots in your arse. sadly thou it will be some years before a good bf is release again. til then its either bf4 forever, with cod blk op3 and iw when i feel like a change of gaming.
cocks out for harambanana
Very old and bad weapons, almost no vehicles in cq maps, sniper galore in most games, limited number of maps and lets not forget tons of frustration. I was tempted too, although very critical after the beta. Now my criticism proves right, most of my online hours I still spend in Bf4
I think I'll wait until EA/DICE pay me to play this game, because even if it was for free, it still wouldn't make me want to play it.
Yeah great deals, hahhahaa, 10% off , wow , hahahhahaha Comeon dice / ea and who ever. Fix you frostbite engines first, All BF series got the same bugs dudes !!!! FIX IT OR LEAVE IT !
BF4 needs the new nights maps that EA promised to bring, but never did :(
Battlefield 1 is the must play shooter of the year hahahahaha really EA really.
So i do stick 2 my words.. I NEVER BUY Battelefail 1!!!! They need update BF4 with fresh maps... not only 1 community map that nobody plays...... EA NEVER LISTEN.
On bf1 premium too?
FUCK EA! shave it up your *** my 30 bucks.
BF4 versus BF1 : 10 to 1 so simpel is that !!!
Worst BF game that has been created so far! A modern day civil war game, in US cities qould be fun!
i love this game so much oh yeah BF4 & BF1 Beautiful game

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