Introducing the Battlefield 1 Boot Camp

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Whether Battlefield 1 is your first foray into war on an epic scale or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s always room to get better. And that’s why we’re happy to introduce the Battlefield 1 Boot Camp, a series of video guides and walkthroughs made by some of the most well-known names in the community. There’s even a special Online Phantom Dog Tag you can get just for heading to the page and signing in with your EA account*.

Head to the page and you’ll find three big buttons at the top of the page – these represent guided tours based on your skill level. Click the button that matches your experience and you’ll find a suite of videos made just for you.

Below that section is a veritable smorgasbord of guide and walkthrough videos. There are dozens of videos to watch, from things as detailed as How to Bayonet Charge to topics are relatively simple as How to Rank Up Fast. There’s plenty to look through for players of any skill level.

If you need to get good, there’s definitely something for you to watch at the Battlefield 1 Boot Camp. Already good? Well, then it’s time to get great.

* Limit one per EA account. You will need to log into your Battlefield 1 game (on applicable platform) with the same EA Account in order to receive the dog tag in-game. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

bf4 is best bf game ever in my book
stayn with bf4 for now
Get us back to 2011.... Praise Battlefield 3.
Like for pizza
FIX 100% CPU USAGE FIRST!!!!!!!!
please all expansion packs FREE please.....
I hope one day they release Battlefield 3 remastered
Stop pandering to early adapters and strive to create the same level of depth and value as BF4 has. It's not too late.
No thanks...I'm already playign a console port..i don't need to play one with PC elements stripped out
Na sry il stick with bf 4 and hardline
What's the deal with this skiny weird font you use in the comment section?
Like for Harambe <3 Never Forget 1999-2016
I've been playing since 2005 and am so disappointed in BF1. All they needed was to keep the same/similar systems as all the other battlefields and the game would've been awesome. Instead they've tried to be smart with things like repairs and driver class and completely changed the games feel and flow... The planes repair system is just plain stupid. Please stop listening to levelcap, matimo, stonemountain etc and do some real player surveys before you develop a new game. Otherwise the next BF will be just like titanfail, hardlame and SW battlebore..
bf1 is just not a battlefield game.its something else
fuck you
BF1.....Going down in history like a led zeppelin, the WORST Battlefield edition ever. I'm eating popcorn reading the forums as I watch DICE burn for this.
Boycotting BF1 because of the price.
I wasn't aware you could bayonet charge. Thanks for teaching us these pro strats.
I wish DLC was free for this game... I have bought premium for every game since BF3... I am sick of the community being split up... You guys made enough money, please redo the DLC system. Loving BF1 so far... Hopefully when I buy a server I will be able to disable to Behemoths. Please make sure that is in the server settings!
I'll definitely not buy the game if they do not reduce the price. With the pathetic DLC policy I will not buy the gamae atm.
i need hardcore not your silly guides for 12 yo kids
Who says they are the "BEST IN THE COMMUNITY" ? they are turning this series into COD , DICE you don't need to show us any guides cause it's copy paste arcade game .
BF1 Boot Crap.... ill stick 2 BF4.. only need some new maps... the community maps are crap, need some good old bf2 bf3 maps.
BF1 worst game by dice, i will not buy any game by dice coz they do nothing with cheaters
THIS game is a disgusting fail, shame on you DICE, GG on killing off the clans also, wankers!!!!!
Lets not forget, charging a fair price would be nice..................................................... $59.99 for the whole damn package is MORE than fair . ANYTHING other is just taking advantage of your loyal BF Players. dont even get me started on the server hosting BS. nice job sticking it to us again............................................. i will laugh when you finally lower the price and no one still buys it. you dont gain loyalty with greed.

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