Battlefield 4 “Fall Patch” Coming Soon

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Tweaks and fixes incoming! We are happy to inform you that the anticipated Fall Patch for Battlefield 4 is right around the corner. The certification has started on several platforms and the Fall Patch is targeted for release at the end of September.

bf4-fall-patch-1Community Test Environment Update
Our focus for the Fall Patch on the CTE (Community Test Environment) has been to stabilize and finalize the build and this has meant less updates than normal. We’d like to thank you all for your patience during this time – we appreciate you sticking in there.

Fall Patch Highlights
So what are we improving? First of all: the final fix list for the Fall Patch is fairly massive and will be released when the patch goes live. The full patch notes will contain all changes in more detail. In the meantime however, here are some of the Fall Patch highlights that you can expect:

Game modes
- Rush (All base game maps except Dawnbreaker), Obliteration, Capture the Flag, and Carrier Assault. Added the Obliteration Competitive sub-game mode

Sight Improvements
- Close & Medium range sight reticles no longer affected by weapon firing animation, AKA “Visual Recoil”
- Improved visibility for red glowing reticule pieces against bright backgrounds

Player Movement
- Now almost identical to BF3 movement – with BF4 animation sets
- Dampened third person hit reactions for player head

HUD clarification pass
- De-cluttered and made customizable a plethora of HUD options to make BF4 look the way you want it to (within reason)

Revive mechanic
- Made revives much more robust, easier to understand with new UI art and included a new “fully charged” paddle sound.

- Lowering the setting for how much time difference is allowed when damaging other players (addressing trade kills and behind cover kills where high pings are involved)
- An automatic High Frequency Update setting is now the default for all users
- Added High Frequency update support to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms
-  Additional improvements to bullet damage delays between clients compared to Netcode Patch

Weapon attachment changes
- Muzzle Brake: Reduced the overall impact of this attachment. Both its positives and negatives have been reduced
- Heavy Barrel: Lowered the buff it gave to minimum moving spread and moved some of that bonus into reduced spread increase. Should be a good option for longer range tap firing
- Lasers: Small buff to standing hip-fire accuracy

Weapon changes
Note that this list contains an excerpt – the upcoming patch notes will have a detailed list.

- Bullet velocity increases: Improved bullet velocity for Slugs and nearly all suppressed weapons. Selectively improved base velocity for weapons that were too slow for their intended range
- Damage Model: Many weapons have had their maximum and minimum damage adjusted slightly. It may take 1 extra bullet to kill at extremely close engagements and long range combat
- Trigger Delay: Removed from all revolvers
- Adjustments to slower rate of fire weapons to make them easier to use at longer ranges vs higher ROF weapons
- Carbines and PDWs now have unique bullpup modifiers that give improved bonuses over the rifle counterpart
- Ammo: Gave more ammo to the weapons that were short a mag compared to their counterparts
- DMRs: Audio when being shot at by a DMR has been improved
- SKS and M39EMR no longer allow you to hold breath
- Grenade capacity lowered and resupply times increased.


Start of the Teamplay Initiative!
The new Teamplay Initative on the CTE, which will be implemented in our coming releases, will focus on the teamplay aspects of Battlefield 4. Our goal is to improve, simplify, and make playing the objective (PTFO) more rewarding than it has ever been.

This initiative will span more than one release, as there are many things to look at. We will of course continue looking at the previous remaining issues and fixes in the areas of Netcode, Core Gameplay and balance as we go on.

For the Final Stand release, we will try and get these things addressed in time on the CTE:

- Gameplay objective scoring re-balance (make playing the objective more desirable)
- Health and ammo pack re-balance
- Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit and getting killed by own vehicle
- Distance Spotting changes to make spotting at a distance more precise
- Footprint sound and random callouts improvements

This small list of features only scratch the surface of what we want to look at. A full list of our goals with this initiative will be published on the CTE this week if you are interested what we’ll be working on in following releases.

Taking part of the CTE
To experience early content and test features and improvements in the CTE, you currently need to own Battlefield 4 on PC and be a BF4 Premium member. To sign up, visit Hurry while there are still open slots available!

And as always – a big Thank You to all the players who have helped or is helping making us make Battlefield 4 a better game to play!

David Sirland
Battlefield 4 Live Producer

Nice Dice ! °,...,°
Nice, trigger delay removed from all revolvers :D
''- Now almost identical to BF3 movement – with BF4 animation sets'' i love this, no more sluggish movement yeahhhhhh!!
FIX THE NETCODE DICE!!! Oh right, you already did. :)
I won't get a hooagh probably...
Can i get some Hooah for my birthday? :))
Hooah for the new “Netcode” fix !!
is good game
i hope this patch will make bf4 a better game than now
hooahhh for a bf3 map and weapon remake.;)
Awesome! Keep it up, DICE LA! :D
I enjoy pooping
Tweaks and Broken things incoming.
So one of your key features is to make it like Battlefield 3 with Battlefield 4 graphics? lol
Battlefield 4 was released on October 29, 2013 and leaves his Alpha state at the end of September of 2014 (maybe)... Is that a good work DICE?? Ask yourselves that question!!...
Thank you DiCE LA! *Kisses* XD
- SKS and M39EMR no longer allow you to hold breath - Grenade capacity lowered and resupply times increased. Why not remove them altogether if you're gonna nerf them in every freaking patch? The damage grenades do now is already hilariously, unrealistically low. Not to mention, why would you even THINK about nerfing a DMR, when there is already little to no incentive to use it (especially with the Deagle now, sure it's a pistol, but it works the same, and does more damage than any DMR...)
Until you guys are able to stop cheating in this game you all should be ashamed of thinking this is a finished final product. Its a disgrace and pathetic.
Bulldog Nerf inbound? Great News anyway!
This is excellent, but I hope it is not too late...
An extra bullet to kill people? It already takes 4 most of the time, what a joke. DICE, let someone who knows how to play/balance an FPS do your work for you, you guys don't seem to understand how games should work. Anyone who made 1942 still around? They know their stuff.
Hooah for Autumn Battles!

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