Battlefield 4 Final Stand Release Date: November 18

trydling 2 years ago 703

The epic conclusion is imminent. Battlefield 4 Final Stand, featuring 4 all-new arctic maps packed with futuristic military hardware, will be available on November 18 for Battlefield 4 Premium members. And we’ve got a lot in stock for those who’ll join the fight among the snowy Russian landscapes…

We’ve worked hard to ensure you’ll have a blast with the new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles featured in Final Stand. You’ll traverse the environments with the new Snowmobile and use the strafing abilities of the new Hovertank. High-tech prototype weapons like the devastating railgun Rorsch MK-1 should also give an itch to your trigger finger.

The all-new maps include the Siberian, blizzard-ridden Operation Whiteout – and the thrilling Hammerhead which lets you fight around a submarine base. Take a good peek at the hi-tech gadgets in the military installation of Hangar 21, and the vast Giants of Karelia, set around a weapons factory.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand will be available to all non-Premium members starting on December 2. If you’re eager to jump into Final Stand with a 2-week head start – become a Battlefield 4 Premium member.


i like my boobs. please hooah my boobs
That's when GTA V gets released, no thanks.
let it snow let it snow let it snow
BF2 the best!!!
*I'm in the kitchen* Hooah for a sandwich?!
18 November: Far Cry 4 GTA 5 and Final Stand nice xD
the day of Far Cry 4 premiere pls guys you mad
bf4 has been on is final stand since last year
today is not my birthday
Nice try DICE but I will be playing GTA V from now on..... Maybe this game wouldn't have gotten as boring if we could have mixed map rotations instead of playing the same maps over and over and over. You had a good system in BF3 but like always fixing things that don't need fixing is your priority.
That was so slow guys... In Russian Battlelog that was 1h ago and we already saw yours Teaser. Like plz.
Going to pass on this. Even if the game was playable I'm not interested in the futuristic gimics in this DLC.
Hooah For The Last DLC (I never get hooah!)
Fınal Money Stealer DLC DICEPLS
Final DLC release imminent and the game is still broken in so many ways GG DICE.
Hoaah for OVER 9000 M16a4 kills
Final Stand will be epic!
18 November:The date that ''Battlefield'' should change its name
Yeah, last DLC, we can leave Beta behind us!!
Hooah for boobies!
More rubbish to come our way cheers dice cant wait to be let down again I know bring out a game in March call it hardline make the game play rubbish like we are already getting why change things do you really think your good at making games wrong premium events can't eve play did you ever try and fix game you say tell you our problems you never listened for the past year when you bring out hardline can you have a refund option for your fans dog tags friend of dice I would throw in your face for a year of rubbish gameplay your the worst company out there cheers dice your the worst
take a good "peak" ? really DICE you can't even spell properly now??
Its gona come out at my Birthday! can i get a HOAH?
and again you get the decision, buy premium or GET THE HELL OUT!
صلحو اللعبه
I don't know if I should be exicited or scared.... Battlefield 4 is about BF2 V2 ? or BF 2142 V2 ? I'm confused.... One thing I'm sure.. it will not be bad ass as BF 2142 wihtout spaceship and not as awesome as BF2 with this broken commander and shitty flags fags bonus... :/ * throw up *

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