Battlefield 4 Tips & Tricks from the Community

3 years ago

Battlefield 4 is a massive game, and whether you’re jumping into the battle for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s always new stuff to learn, and new skills to master. To kick off the New Year (and to welcome all of the new players joining with the recently released Origin Access* – hello new players!), we gathered some of the best tips and tricks videos the community has put together since BF4 released.

XfactorGaming has a series called “How to Be a Better Noob”, and it provides a great crash course on the fundamentals of success in Battlefield 4. You can check out the playlist here, or jump into the first episode.

LevelCapGaming‘s video on Basic Tactics 101 does just what the name suggests – it gives a brief overview of some of the most important mechanics of the game. Want to learn about the mini-map, reloading tips, and how to find cover in a firefight? He’s got it covered.

JackFrags has some tips for players looking to up their skills from noob to pro. In the video above, he gives out some map-specific tips, but also provides some really strong feedback that can improve anyone’s game.

DooM49 has some advice for players having trouble in the skies. In the video above, he dolls out some solid advice on improving your pilot skills once you find yourself in a jet.

Westie, on the other hand, has a killer video for prospective Battlefield 4 snipers (Recon class) out there. His advice isn’t a one-size fits all approach, but he definitely has some strong advice for anyone looking to attack from afar.

There you have it! Hopefully, with these tips in-hand, you’ll be able to take on the New Year with some new skills under your belt.


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