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As you know, we are continuously working on fixing the issues some of you are experiencing with Battlefield 4. If you want to know in detail what major issues have been fixed, and which ones we’re working on at the moment, we are now happy to share our Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker.

Visit the Control Room on our forums to keep up to date on the improvements we’re making for Battlefield 4:

The Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker

Keep up the work :)
Thanks for letting us know what speficilly you're working on. Its gone a bit long time to be honest DICE. But atleast... You're doing something about it >.>
Thanks DICE, we appreciate all of the work!
fix the fucking game. I realize you're working on it, and I appreciate it. But you shouldn't have released a game that still seems to be in beta.
still cant play on Shanghai
Game disconnected: could not join server , Game disconnected: could not join server , Game disconnected: could not join server ...............FIX THIS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE !
I think Dice should simply acknowledge that there is a huge number of people having issues with BF4 instead of the fancy wording "While millions of players are enjoying Battlefield 4, we are aware that some players are experiencing issues with the game." Just say: Sorry fans, BF4 has a number of serious issues affecting lots of players, we are sorry for this inconvenience and are working tirelessly to bring the BF4 that you, our fans, deserve. I think a statement like that would go so much further calming the cesspool of insults that people are spewing about DICE. DICE fix the game, we love the franchise, we know you can deliver, show us that you deserve our loyalty and support.
Good to know what you guys are working on
Good to know you guys are focusing on the issues and communicating them to us. There are plenty of us that appreciate the effort!
I love the "fixing the issues some of you are experiencing" try ALL of us are experiencing. Did the dev team ignore all the problems during testing or what? Bugs don't magically fix themselves, they were obviously there from the start and EA in their infinite wisdom decided to release it anyhow. Unbelievable.
how i can submit a bug?
Now that your priorities are straight, lets hope that you make the BF4 experience what it should be :)
FIX tanks / locks / flare systems..
fix the game comments aren't helping the process go any faster
I like to know when we will get our veteran dog tags and gear
omfg the game wont even load servers for me now!!! fucking fix this shit.
This can't be, this is a lie. Dice doesn't fix, dice only breaks and makes more of a mess. THIS IS ALL A LIE!
Players sometimes get stuck in kill cam after revive Platform(s): All Status: Fixing Please make this one of the priorites :)
Wait, I dont see the constant campaign save data loss! On my ps3 the first patch started saving campaign mode and then we had another small patch the other WHICH WIPED my campaign again! **ITs going to be a LONG time before I start that sucker over. ** But I dont see that issue addressed! Did nobody else experience that?
"We are aware that millions of players are experiencing issues with the game, while some of players are enjoying Battlefield 4." -fixed*
Please do something about those fucking bullshit hackers/cheaters/modders their ruining the game for the rest of us.
Keep up the work
"One-hit kill bug where players sometimes take damage twice from the same bullet Platform(s): All Status: Fix live/in next patch " This needs to hurry up. Probably my number 1 cause of frustration.
What about spawning without weapons and gadgets 95% of the time. Are you aware this is happening? PS3

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