Battlefield 4 China Rising release has begun

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Starting today, Battlefield 4 China Rising will be available for purchase for everyone. Below you will find the release dates and release windows for all platforms and regions.

PC: Available now in the Battlelog Store
Xbox 360 and Xbox One (World-wide): 1:00AM PST – 5:00AM PST
9:00AM GMT – 1:00PM GMT, December 17.
PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (North America): 2:00PM PST – 6:00PM PST
PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (Europe): 2PM-6PM GMT, December 18.

Learn more about China Rising

To the complainers: give productive reports instead of flaming and complaining 24/7. And DICE: keep up the patch releases. Even if the last one made a few things worse, this is the release-interval we need.
hoah for Second Asualt!
Not buying any DLC till this game is fixed.
I have no clue why everyone is flaming DICE, it's EA you should be bitching too. I can't even bare to think how stressed out these poor guys are. Thanks for all the hard work DICE :)
fix this shit game
we need more bugs... pls
Fuckin love this game and the DLC! =D Thanks dice
For everyone with the "fix the game" comments, the game has improved a lot since the launch, hasn't it, and they are working on it all the time.
1. You launch a beta not even lasting for its full period of time as listed. 2. You release copies of the game with the biggest issues and errors for a launch that a multi million dollar company should of resolved, and still way past due. 3. You dare to quiet us down by giving double XP upon your mistakes while writing a post about Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation 4. The most disgusting display of what is even more horrid, that you now only to start fixing all the issues and errors this far into the game before its launch for only to see it is now HALF OFF/PRICE when most of us already bought our copies and have payed double the amount to something that wasn't even good and to most unplayable and was better off as Beta, and (NOW) giving your customers only 24 hours as a daily deal to purchase it for half the price before it goes back to full. "Origin/DICE your very hungry for money, and it's starting to show."
these patches aren't doing shit
Dice, I love your games keep it up!
BUGS BUGS BUGS. DICE have really fucked the game up this time !!!
I just want dinosaurs :c
i like the way how they fucked up the game.
Yesterdays patch is terrible! Dying is wierd, revive menu stays, eaven I accepted revive, can't detect were am I getting shot ftom...
Flickering textures with gtx 590 card.. this patch is .... not good.
HURRAY! A brand new package of bugs glitches and crashes! Looking forward to it DICE!
Still crashes every 2-3 maps. still getting killed far behind cover. if you're gonna release a patch, make it big multi-gig patch that actually does something worthwhile please. game should still be in beta... it is in everything but price
This is fantastic news! How about you release the SLI fix that you incompetent developers claim to have fixed 'in house'.
EA server down on PS 3 cant play online
Thank god for Premium :9
Its just Nice to know that the dlc would be released on the 17th of december, while they are releasing it on the 18th in europe... I call BS on that... Why never in the same time as everyone else or just on the date that they promised EVERYONE to be released...
The Fact that the main "NEWS" on BATTLELOG are only "Top Issue Trackers" and "crash/lag updates" should actually open your eyes, boys. THIS GAME is the Benchmark in beeing crap. NO GAME IN THE HISTORY had more errors than this one. On top of all that this is happening on NEXT-GEN consoles and the best PC´s of our time. So EA AND! DICE - shame on you! You don´t need to try showin us that you´re sorry cause you already declared yourself incapeable in front of the world.
Battlefield 4 best Emblems site! >> <<
50000000th YEAH!!!!!

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