How we’ve Improved Battlefield 1 with the Fall Update

2 years ago

Today we are rolling out the Battlefield™ 1 Fall Update. Based on your feedback, this update is designed to make Battlefield 1 an even more fun, varied, stable, and balanced experience.

The Fall Update consists of many different fixes and tweaks to gameplay, user interface, graphics, audio, and more. For a full breakdown of all updates, please see this PDF file:

Update Notes for the Battlefield 1 Fall Update

Among the things we are tweaking is the Operations game mode. Basically, we’re giving attackers a boost. To increase the effectiveness of the attacking team, we are increasing the overall tickets for both Operations & Grand Operations and we are also reducing the amount of time it takes for attackers to capture flags.

Eagerly awaited by elite Battlefield 1 players, the Hardcore Servers are also available with the Fall Update. Playing on a Hardcore server, you might not be assisted by a minimap, crosshair, or the ability to spot enemies depending on the server settings.

Furthermore, the Battlefield 1 Rent-a-Server Program makes its debut with the Fall Update. This will allow players to set up their own private and public Battlefield 1 servers, with control of different gameplay options to map rotations.

There are many other changes, big and small, that will make your time on the battlefield more enjoyable. A Squad XP Boost will be available in some Battlepacks, you will be able to buy Battlepacks in the “Get Battlepacks” menu, and you will be able to join Custom Games from the Multiplayer menu.

As mentioned, you’ll find many more fixes in the full update notes. We hope you will enjoy the improvements of Battlefield 1.

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