How we’ve Improved Battlefield 1 with the Fall Update

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Today we are rolling out the Battlefield™ 1 Fall Update. Based on your feedback, this update is designed to make Battlefield 1 an even more fun, varied, stable, and balanced experience.

The Fall Update consists of many different fixes and tweaks to gameplay, user interface, graphics, audio, and more. For a full breakdown of all updates, please see this PDF file:

Update Notes for the Battlefield 1 Fall Update

Among the things we are tweaking is the Operations game mode. Basically, we’re giving attackers a boost. To increase the effectiveness of the attacking team, we are increasing the overall tickets for both Operations & Grand Operations and we are also reducing the amount of time it takes for attackers to capture flags.

Eagerly awaited by elite Battlefield 1 players, the Hardcore Servers are also available with the Fall Update. Playing on a Hardcore server, you might not be assisted by a minimap, crosshair, or the ability to spot enemies depending on the server settings.

Furthermore, the Battlefield 1 Rent-a-Server Program makes its debut with the Fall Update. This will allow players to set up their own private and public Battlefield 1 servers, with control of different gameplay options to map rotations.

There are many other changes, big and small, that will make your time on the battlefield more enjoyable. A Squad XP Boost will be available in some Battlepacks, you will be able to buy Battlepacks in the “Get Battlepacks” menu, and you will be able to join Custom Games from the Multiplayer menu.

As mentioned, you’ll find many more fixes in the full update notes. We hope you will enjoy the improvements of Battlefield 1.

Long live to Battlefield 4!
I don't give a shit,this game is too damn expensive you greedy bastards.
Is Battlefield 4 ever giong to see any more development/patching? Kinda lame that you keep saturating the bf4 feed with bf1 info, while ignoring the many areas of bf4 that need attention.
bf1 sux anyway boring game
Haha, 60€ for 50% of a game... NO THANKS!!!
I agree BF1 is completely boring and there is way to many mechanics simply put more modern combat games like the older BF games like BFBC2 BF3 and BF4 are just way better in many ways besides the game is way to over priced and that shows your intrests are about money not the gamers. Also the beta was ate up with hackers and the trial was just as bad no thanks and im looking forward to BF5 hopefully its modern
Where is Hardcore Mode and the Platoons for Battlefield 1?
Put double xp for BF4
still no south African servers....
Hello Operators. Give a Hooah if BF4 is still better than BF1!
Think about fixing the Origin update. It's totally broken. Got to uninstall/reinstall the damn thing every time.
WWI is a terrible setting for a BF game. I made the mistake of buying it and putting only 4 hours into it. The good thing about BF1 is it made me realize how brilliant BF4 really is.
Stop saturating the BF4 feed with BF1 propaganda. 90% of the comments are all negative, your appealing to the WRONG audience. BF veterans see right through this mutant BF version. The gamble did NOT pay off.
just want you to give us Bad Company 3.
Still no helicopters? No thanks.
I must admit after all the hype and they even managed to keep this next instalment of BF a secret & then to roll out BF1 what a friggin let down. Overpriced, Boring theme & even more Boring gameplay. Don`t know about anyone else but I spent every spare minute I had on BF2142, Brilliant game of its day, why can`t they do what COD have done with Modern Warefare and remaster the game, I usually bounce between Battlefield & COD, both latest versions suck.
Over priced. All players should have boycotted BF1, but consumerism, the "false need" or "need to play" this game. The lack of awareness about the policies practiced. It's not about having or not having the money to buy the game. They clearly abuse the enthusiasm of players who love the franchise, disrespecting everyone. I will not buy, when I buy I will pay cheap in some real promotion, not until then. The desperate do not see how much they contribute for, so that the next BF costs more than 100% above the value practiced today.
horaah for dice!!!
seriously you lazy fucks you add 2 new objectives to suez yet IT'S STILL A LINEAR MAP. those 2 objectives will NOT drastically change the game at all. operation locker has 5 objectives in A LINEAR FASHION AND YOU STILL GET SPAWN TRAPPED.
When are we getting servers in Africa?
Platoon ?
I hope you will make me buy it but for now NO.
still pistol and tank op and still map suez shit and i play bf1 130hrs but bf3 is the best bf
you mean "nerfing" everything to shit , right? (again. like bf4 )
How much longer do we have to wait for BF4 new UI so we can stop using battlelog. May Battlelog rest in peace already.
What is with Platoons ?
hey..after the last update the game crash.shit.

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