Equip your M1911 pistol scope

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The M1911 pistol scope we promised you as part of our Player Appreciation Program is now accessible in Battlefield 4 on all platforms. This special sidearm scope has a 3X zoom and can be used by all classes. Previously, the scope has been exclusive to DICE developers.

To access the M1911 pistol scope, you need to have the weapon in question unlocked. If it is, simply go to the loadout screen in-game, equip the M1911 and hit the customize button. Under “Optic”, you will find the accessory, marked SCOPE [3X].

BF4 3X M1911 Player Appreciation Scope

As usual, you can always get the latest intel on Battlefield 4 updates by visiting the Control Room.

Before the shitstorm starts again, let me say: Keep your work up, give your best and keep us up2date about everything. You doin' a good job, DICE.
if someone says fix the game one more time ill fix them!
An actual effort to get the game to a proper release quality would be more appreciated, than all the meaningless accessories you can come up with. If you appreciate us, the players, then you should follow through on that promise and not spin poor compensation as a success. You've already said you fixed the "one-shot-kill" bug, yet it's clearly still in the game. Placebo patches are just insults, to anyone giving you benefit of the doubt. Here's another example of you saying one thing, yet evidence proves another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai656sdq8rc . I can't speak for everyone else, but if you want my respect back as the creators of BF1942, then you need to get back to a higher standard of quality.
Would be nice if you make sure that everyone who owns previous Battlefield games get their Veteran Pack! I haven't got mine yet...
Give us knife scope...
Not going to lie I don't think there's that many problems left with the game, I can play until I need a break without a crash, Although I'm still missing my Veteran content.
DICE please fix crashing on shanghai !
Seriously? A pistol scope? Who cares?
*Insert more comments about DICE/EA messing up*
So now we can see game bugs 3 times closer?
Where is our veteran battlepack huh?
So if you haven't unlocked M1911 you'll get the scope when you do or are you screwed?
Ohhh same stuff that nobody need! More important is to FIX all the bad bugs and all of that other mistakes ingame. Furthermore it will be nice, if DICE put in the Teamvoip between the squads as we had it in Battlefield 3 ingame on PS3, now! For Clans it isn't possible to speak with more than 5 people ingame on PS3 :/ Or put in the option that PS3 player can invite other in the menu to join both at the same time! So i look forward to this points. Please hooah these comment so that DICE will see it! Thanks everyone.
does this make up for the broken game?
There have been many companies that have left support of their game as soon as it was released. DICE, I'm thankful that your willing to put up with a raging and angry fanbase.
*Obligatory comment about the netcode and stuff*
Love is blind,the game is broken,fanboys creeping out of the woodwork! watch out there ....ratatatatataat MULTI KILL KILL KILLL ____DOWN XD !!!!!
I couldn't care less for a pistol scope O.o
The game is still not fixed, what was the 1 GB download about ? we really expected that there would be no more issues
oh thanks this makes it all better now .stick it up your arse
I don't have it still.
hey dice, you are doing a great job on battlefield(my opinion). But of course there is one thing to complain about, where is my veteran battlepack?
Fix the netcode initiative:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai656sdq8rc

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