New Battlefield 4 Shortcut Kits Available

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Updated March 04: Note that the Player Appreciation Month is over and that you can’t download these shortcut kits anymore.

One of the many giveaways during the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month are the Shortcut Kits, voluntary bundles that will unlock various weapons for Battlefield 4 (the base game), allowing you to make up for lost time, or just catch up if you’re new to the game. The Shortcut Kits are now available for download at no cost for a limited time.

Battlefield 4 Premium members will get access to two special Shortcut Kits, on top of two other Shortcut Kits accessible to all Battlefield 4 owners. See below for the handout schedule.

February 18 to February 24 (EXPIRED)
Shortcut Kit: Hand Guns
Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: DMR’s

February 25 to March 4 (EXPIRED)
Shortcut Kit: Grenades
Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: Shotguns

How to claim your Shortcut Kits

Console Player:

  • Go to the in-game Store.
  • Either click on the Shortcut Kit banner or proceed to view “All Items”.
  • Find the Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
  • Battlefield 4 Premium members will also see a second Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
  • Download each item to be granted your Shortcut Kit(s).

PC Player:

  • Go to the Store section on Battlelog
  • Find the Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
  • Click “Download”.
  • Proceed through the Origin checkout flow to be granted your Shortcut Kit.

PC Player (Battlefield 4 Premium Member):

  • Click the “BATTLEFIELD 4 PREMIUM GIVEAWAY” button at the bottom of this news story.
  • A success message will display in green at the top of Battlelog if successful.
  • You have now been granted the Shortcut Kit.

Full conditions and restrictions

Earn your unlocks like a real man
This is Dumb. Part of the reason I play is to earn this stuff. Not have it given to me. It completely takes away from the value of the game.
Increase tick-rates for servers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not gonna lie, I appreciate this. It really helps out those of us who don't "no-life" everything in this game.
yay more DMR spam
HOOAH for Boobs !
Shortcut kits? Wow, ruining the game much?
All i ever wanted in life was to have a top comment ;(
I swear people who write the first comment put "FIX THE GAME" half the time just to look cool and gain hooah's. I'm sure they're aware of the issues by now -_-
I already have all these. Why are DICE taking away the challenge of unlocking the "harder" weapons. It's like they want the game to be as easy as possible.
Battlefield 4 is the Game of The Year! I am loving the Levolutions and the game play! Well done Team at DICE.
Thanks for making a great game DICE, but please stop with the double xp and the shortcuts :-)
The shortcut is useless for people who have already unlocked all the weapons. Please give us an exclusive item for being loyal.
Pay to win make me a sad panda :(
It's really kinda annoying considering all the time I spent actually getting these :|
Gotta love it, they ignore a majority of the community;s complaits, throw up a smoke screen about "Tweaking Vehicles" and this "Player Appreciation" and in their "Appreciation" (which translates to defeat) they give us all this shit they know people wont play long enough to unlock. DICE and mostly EA have lost so much credibility it's disgusting. Obama's got more credibly than these fools.
Hey everyone - some clarification. If you are Premium, click the BF4 Premium Giveaway link to get the DMR Shortcut. Some are noticing it takes a bit of time to add the DMR kit to the account. For the Handgun Shortcut Kit, check the Battlelog Store or Origin Store (Search Handgun Shortcut).
STFU !!! about fixing the game 'fix your own computers fuckers !'
Keep up the good work DICE!
No one has patience anymore.
Just give us platoons and let people earn their rank and weapons.
DMR's, because aiming/skill is overrated
Can we get a knife short cut? Level 110, and still no Bowie! :(
I already have all these. Why are DICE taking away the challenge of unlocking the "harder" weapons. It's like they want the game to be as easy as possible.
You guys really fucked the pooch. Why even create an unlock system if you're just going to give everything away? Now everyone and their mother is running around with DMRs and Shotty pistols. I remember back during BF2:MC when DICE actually had quality employees working and they didn't have to gobble EA's cock. Seriously, fuck you guys so much, go back to the way things were.

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