Battlefield Squads at Gamescom to Bring Horses, a New Map, and More

3 years ago

At EA Play, Battlefield Squads pit 64-players in the first-ever livestream of Battlefield 1 gameplay. Next week at Gamescom, we’re deploying it again. On August 16 at 12PM PT/9PM CEST, a new Battlefield Squads livestream will show off a new map filled with Only in Battlefield gameplay. There’s a new trailer coming soon, too, with a trainload of new information about Battlefield 1.

In case you’re wondering, yes, “trainload” is a tease.

This time around, team captains Stoddeh and Drift0r will be leading a crew of your favorite YouTube personalities, Twitch Streamers, and internet stars. They’ll be joined by the likes of StoneMountain64, XfactorGaming, ImAnderZel, TheRelaxingEnd, and many more, going on a destructive adventure into the desert to showcase a new map filled with points to capture, horses to ride, and things to demolish. You can head over to the livestream page for more information.

What’s going to happen? Who is going to win? Will anyone blow up a tank from horseback? You’ll have to tune in on August 16 at 12PM PT/9PM CEST to find out.

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